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HappyLucyLou Thu 22-Jan-15 12:52:07

The only boys name my husband likes is Teddy, and whilst I think Teddy is really cute for a baby, when I think of teenager Teddy or grown man Teddy it just doesn't fit for me.
I'm starting to panic, he doesn't like my names and I don't want Teddy. I'm convinced I'm having another boy and have been trying to think of another name since my son was born!
There is a girls name we both really like, so not worried about that, so if a girl does pop out we have name! but if it's a boy he'll be nameless sad
Everyone keeps telling me if I have a boy not to worry a name will pop up, but if we haven't found another in 3 years I can't see how it will come to me the day he comes!
I don't like really out there names nor do I like really common ones. I like names that aren't really unusual but you don't tend to get a lot of them.
Has anyone out there got the name for my potential son or am I to call him "boy" for the rest of his life!? ha!

bakingtins Thu 22-Jan-15 13:02:28

Do you like the names Teddy can be a NN for? Edward? Edmund? Theodore? I've come across several just-Teddys recently and I'm with you that he would need a more grown up option.
I don't think either parent should be able to insist on a name the other doesn't like. have you tried the site Named Together? You seperately tick any names you'd consider from the top 100/200/500 and see what overlap there is. Agree to each pick at least 20 names and go from there.

squoosh Thu 22-Jan-15 13:03:53

I agree that Teddy is a bit too restrictive. Call him Edward and he can be Edward/Eddie/Ted/Ed when he's an adult?

But if you really don't like Teddy just say it's off the table and you need to start thinking of more names. Take a look at the list of names for all boys born in England and Wales in 2013. There are literally thousands of names on it, there’s bound to be one you both like.

squoosh Thu 22-Jan-15 13:05:16

Table 6 in the excel spreadsheet gives you a list of all names used rather than just the Top 100.

Sophronia Thu 22-Jan-15 14:28:22

How about Ted with Teddy as a nickname?

CheekyWeeGandT Thu 22-Jan-15 14:38:35

I'm with Sophronia. Teddy is cute for a little boy and Ted is great for a man. Your DH can keep calling him Teddy for as along as your DS permits it smile

Guin1 Fri 23-Jan-15 00:22:51

I have a gorgeous little Teddy (2.5yo). It really is a lovely name for a little one. His birth certificate name is Edward, so he has more grown up names to choose later (Ted, Ed, Ned, Edward). His other nn at the moment is Bear, which he loves - he identifies himself with all the bears that appear in books, songs, tv shows, toys, clothes, etc.

Violettatrump Fri 23-Jan-15 06:22:15

Theodore can be Teddy

What about Ted with nn teddy

ThunderboltKid Fri 23-Jan-15 06:27:17

We have a Teddy (short for Theodore)...he's only 2 so it still really works for him. As he gets older he had can Ted (which I'm not that keen on) or Theodore, Theo or just keep Teddy (wasn't an issue for Teddy Roosevelt!)

Bowlersarm Fri 23-Jan-15 06:27:37

Call him Edward then you have a range of names available to you to call him.

Or tell your Dh Teddy is not up for consideration.

I know a 20 year old Teddy; very popular, cool young man and his name just suits him fwiw.

ActionManEyes Fri 23-Jan-15 12:45:09

My DS is Theodore. He is 6 so still happy to be Teddy, but is free to choose Ted or Theo if he wants to when he's older.

We kind of fell into Teddy, actually - we meant him to be Theo. But by 8 weeks old he was Teddy smile

Cornberry Mon 26-Jan-15 17:13:10

I love Teddy. Having same argument with OH the other way round! All I would say is I think its a bit odd for the given name to be a diminutive. I think teddy can be short for Theodore, Edward and Edmund - all beautiful names. And then DS can be teddy, ted, ed, whatever he prefers when he's older.

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