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Teddy for a girl

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OopsBaby Wed 21-Jan-15 15:26:11

What do you think of Teddy for a little girl. Or Thea or Theadora

Reiltin Wed 21-Jan-15 15:37:04

Teddy is gorgeous! I'm very much in a boys-names-for-girls place. Though I'd make it a nickname .

florascotia Wed 21-Jan-15 15:38:27

Very jolly and cuddly for a baby but perhaps less suitable for an older child - however (as I'm always saying) nicknames evolve and often change once DC get to school.

If it matters, Theodora is usually spelled with a middle 'o'. It has a nice meaning (gift of god). The traditional nicknames include Dora and (eek!) Doreen. I prefer the English version of the name, Dorothea, rather than the shortened version, Thea, but Thea is a perfectly nice name.

SoupDragon Wed 21-Jan-15 15:40:40

Robbie Williams has a daughter called Theodora, known as Teddy.

OopsBaby Wed 21-Jan-15 15:55:24

Thasks for the nice responses smile was thinking was with an 'o' looks nicer anyway

OopsBaby Wed 21-Jan-15 15:57:16

Maybe I should go with Theodora as it is a gorgeous name with options...Teddy might not even suit her

SoupDragon Wed 21-Jan-15 16:02:52

You do have to remember your adorable little baby girl may end up as a stroppy 15yr old Emo and not thank you for Teddy smile

I love Theodora and it has plenty of choices for a future stroppy teen!

Leeds2 Wed 21-Jan-15 16:07:18

My 16 year old DD has a friend called Theodora on her birth certificate, Thea to her friends and Ted/Teddy to her parents.

OopsBaby Wed 21-Jan-15 16:57:10

Theodora it is then grin that is going top of the list

Sophronia Wed 21-Jan-15 17:18:57

I like it as a nickname for Theodora.

WhatsGoingOnEh Wed 21-Jan-15 17:22:28

I love it!

BreeVDKamp Wed 21-Jan-15 17:25:33

Really like it, and I do like 'boy' names on girls! Really don't like Theodora though, it seems musty to me. But don't know what else it could be short for and agree Teddy probably needs a longer and more grown up option!

marshmallowpies Wed 21-Jan-15 18:52:21

Love Thea and Theodora - Dora could be a lovely name if not for Dora the Explorer, though she's not quite at the height of popularity she was a few years back I think?

For the nn for a girl, I'd use Teddie rather than Teddy, just to differentiate from any boy Teddys. Obviously they sound the same but if you saw 'Teddie' written down you'd have a better idea that it was a girl and avoid any mistaken gender!

EthelCardew Wed 21-Jan-15 19:01:18

I have a Theodora!

We almost called her Teddy but settled on Dora and I love that she has Thea if she chooses as well.

Unfortunately we also chose Rose for a middle name and our surname begins with a W and ends in s. We were incredibly miffed when Robbie bloody Williams chose Theodora Rose Williams!

I realise I'm totally outed now!

Alisvolatpropiis Wed 21-Jan-15 19:10:01

Theodora is a fabulous name!

Marcipex Wed 21-Jan-15 19:15:43

Lovely name.

Kilicat Wed 21-Jan-15 20:13:14

Love Theodora - it's my first choice if we have a girl. Just got to convince DH now although he loves the name Thea and he really likes the meaning as well so I'm hoping this will be easy! Really like Teddy as a nick name as well - hadn't thought of this.

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