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Boys' names to go with Andrianna/Annie?

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SK28 Mon 19-Jan-15 22:57:00

My DH is of Greek Cypriot heritage and we've more or less decided on Andrianna (nn Annie) if we have a daughter, whether that's now or a subsequent child.

For boys, we aren't necessarily looking for a Greek name, just something that would be pronouncable in Greek. Our two favourites are probably Caspar and Percy but we aren't sure whether they 'go' well enough with Andrianna (if we had an Andrianna in the future). I think they go fine with Annie, but not sure whether they go with Andrianna or indeed whether this matters! (I quite like Caspar and Andrianna together I think, they have the common 'a' repetition.) We've also considered names like Zachary, Sebastian and so on - longer names that are more similar in length to Andrianna - but we don't love any of them.

I guess my question is does it matter if siblings have names of very different lengths, in general, and how do Caspar or Percy sound alongside Andrianna as two examples?!

hodgepodgepanda Mon 19-Jan-15 23:01:52

Xander/Xandur ?

Romeyroo Mon 19-Jan-15 23:05:28

I am afraid I don't like Percy - reminds me of M&S Percy Pig sweets
Caspar and Adrianna goes fine

SK28 Mon 19-Jan-15 23:13:07

I do recognise that Percy is probably a 'love it or hate it' name... We've tested it on people and that seems to be coming through... Although funnily enough you're the first person Romey to make the Percy Pig association (we've had Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Percy the Park Keeper associations mentioned so far!). I think we're leaning towards Caspar of the two, but there's something about Percy that keeps drawing us back!

SK28 Tue 20-Jan-15 08:16:01

Hodge I quite like Xander and Alexander but my mum's family are from up north so would pronounce it with short A sound whereas we and my PiLs would pronounce it long A, which bothers us! (Andrianna is all short A the way we like it so we don't have the problem there - though I know some spell it Andriana and pronounce it with a long A at the end.)

Romeyroo Tue 20-Jan-15 19:02:12

yes, I thought of Percy the park keeper too. I kind of imagine Percy being a slightly round jovial chap, but I think however your DS turns out, he will make the name his, iyswim.

I think you should trust your intuition on the name when he is born

myotherusernameisbetter Tue 20-Jan-15 22:50:54

Piers instead of Percy?

Casper goes fine but in contrast to the non "K" Mn bias - I prefer Kasper

SK28 Tue 20-Jan-15 23:45:42

Thanks myotherusernameisbetter. I'm not so keen on Piers, it sounds like a man's name more than a whole-life name to me and I'd still have the same question about length etc when set alongside Andrianna. With regards to K or C for Caspar, I don't have a strong preference - our surname is a K name so maybe will think about that! I think I prefer -ar ending to -er though...I wasn't sure initially but the more I see or write it the more I lean that way smile

Romey, I do agree that generally your child will grow into the name and make it their own, and the best thing to do is probably trust intuition. We'd been struggling for months to get anywhere with boys' names and when I found Caspar it just feel right so maybe that's enough. It just feels like such a big responsibility, I want to do well by my child!

Romeyroo Wed 21-Jan-15 06:35:30

You will do well by your child; you will be the best mum for themsmile.

With my DD, I intuitively knew the sex and what her name would be; I don't know how, so that was easy. With my DS, it was a bit harder, but his name did stick in my mind from all our choices. When he was born, none of the other names would have fitted him

I have to say that Percy has grown on me since first reading this, though.

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