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Manon - for a little girl?

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sunshinemummy2012 Mon 19-Jan-15 16:46:49


SunnyBaudelaire Mon 19-Jan-15 16:49:43

it is lovely and I wish I had called my dd this. Really pretty. That might have something to do with the movie 'Manon des Sources' ofc but I also live in Wales where it is used.

Bonsoir Mon 19-Jan-15 16:50:39

It's pretty and quite popular in France - there are several at DD's school.

pieceofpurplesky Mon 19-Jan-15 16:51:28

Love it. My niece's name.

Solasum Mon 19-Jan-15 16:53:28

Not great for UK based baby to my ear. Great teasing potential for a teen? And I would have assumed it was a male name

SunnyBaudelaire Mon 19-Jan-15 16:55:40

well that is strange as it is a name from the Yookay. what 'teasing potential'?

yongnian Mon 19-Jan-15 16:57:06

Loads of Manons here in Wales. Lovely name.

Twitterqueen Mon 19-Jan-15 16:57:44

Sunny Man on - as in "there's a man on you..."

I don't like it. Sorry. I've never heard of it before and it doesn't conjure up any kind of image or picture.

harryhausen Mon 19-Jan-15 16:57:53

I have a friend called Manon. She's from Wales but now lives in England. It's a beautiful name, fairly uncommon and she's never ever had anyone say anything negative about it.

Don't get the 'tease' thing either.

alteredimages Mon 19-Jan-15 16:58:42

Love it. The Manon I know is really lovely and sweet too, which helps. We are in neither Wales nor France and no one seems to have trouble with it.

harryhausen Mon 19-Jan-15 16:59:40

Ok, maybe fairly uncommon in my part of Englandgrin.

I grew up in Wales though in the 70's and 80's. It wasn't really heard in our school. Maybe it's more recently used?

SunnyBaudelaire Mon 19-Jan-15 17:00:10

well as teases go it is not terrible!
Really lovely name IMO

yongnian Mon 19-Jan-15 17:06:25

Plus, like other Welsh names ending in 'non' it can be shortened to Nonny or Non, which is very cute.

RiverTam Mon 19-Jan-15 17:06:51

I know a couple of Manons. It's a French girls' name. Don't see any potential for teasing myself.

Blahia Mon 19-Jan-15 17:15:47

I think it is really nice smile might be hard for some people to pronounce here though?

Other suggestions (just in case!): Margot and Anouk (I love them both.... But especially the latter!) smile

squoosh Mon 19-Jan-15 17:19:38

Sounds gorgeous in a French voice, significantly less gorgeous in a non French voice.

No one would ever pronounce it correctly.

SunnyBaudelaire Mon 19-Jan-15 17:26:15

it is pronounced Ma-non round here!
not to hard even for English people!!

GotToBeInItToWinIt Mon 19-Jan-15 17:27:16

I know a really lovely welsh Manon, she's late 20's. The association means I really like it smile

squoosh Mon 19-Jan-15 17:28:09

But it doesn't sound half as nice in an English accent.

squoosh Mon 19-Jan-15 17:28:38

The French pronunciation is more like mah-noh

SunnyBaudelaire Mon 19-Jan-15 17:29:42

maybe not squoosh - or the English might try to 'schwa' the O and it would become 'Man'n'

GotToBeInItToWinIt Mon 19-Jan-15 17:33:02

I like it in a French, Welsh and English accent smile

Mistlewoeandwhine Mon 19-Jan-15 17:33:16

I love it.

Snog Mon 19-Jan-15 17:38:20

Manon is really nice but the nn suggested above of Nonny sounds awful to my (English) ears!

Allalonenow Mon 19-Jan-15 18:03:46

I know a lovely little French Manon, such a pretty name.

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