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How do you say Sadhbh?

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YoureAllABunchOfBastards Sun 18-Jan-15 08:25:34

I think that is the spelling. Not having any more DC but saw this written down and wondered how you say it.

AwfulBeryl Sun 18-Jan-15 08:30:57

I read it as Sadhuhb, I am sure it's not pronounced like that though. What's its origin ?

MargoGetYourGun Sun 18-Jan-15 08:31:28

Think it's Sive.

MargoGetYourGun Sun 18-Jan-15 08:32:40

Rhyming with five, not give. It's Irish, if it's the name i think it is.

AwfulBeryl Sun 18-Jan-15 08:33:15

Like sieve the kitchen tool or Steve with out the t ?

AwfulBeryl Sun 18-Jan-15 08:33:35

Oh oh oh I see.

Hakluyt Sun 18-Jan-15 08:34:46

Syve- but I don't think that spelling is quite right.

wigglesrock Sun 18-Jan-15 08:38:21

Rhymes with five, it's Irish.

AwfulBeryl Sun 18-Jan-15 08:39:34

smile sive is much nicer than Sadhuhb

Flywheel Sun 18-Jan-15 08:44:56

The spelling is correct. As others say. It rhymes with five

Wailywailywaily Sun 18-Jan-15 08:46:07

I would spell in Sadbh or Sabh. I don't think there is an official way to spell it it just depends what part of the country you are from. It is my favourite Irish name

juneau Sun 18-Jan-15 08:48:37

Its Sive. I actually know one and the GP of this child had the gall to question the (much more common and very easy to spell) nickname that we've given DS1 hmm

Wailywailywaily Sun 18-Jan-15 08:55:29

I know one, spelled Sabh though.

MelanieWiggles Sun 18-Jan-15 08:59:05

It's an old irish name - features in irish mythology:Sadhbh

VainVulva Sun 18-Jan-15 10:07:26

I'm irish and know quite a few, it's pronounced Sive to rhyme with five. I usually see it spelt as Saidbh!

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