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FlyingSpud Sat 17-Jan-15 19:21:49

For a boy (duh). Do you like it?

scratchandsniff Sat 17-Jan-15 19:24:14

I do and I did consider it for our list but think we've decided on something else.

todayiamfat Sat 17-Jan-15 19:24:42


I love it!

FlyingSpud Sat 17-Jan-15 19:30:27

I hadn't thought of it's a shortened version of Woodrow. I'm not sure I'd go down that route.

Very interested to see what others on here think of it.

FlyingSpud Sat 17-Jan-15 19:30:57

Scratch can I ask what you decided on instead? <nosey>

ApplesTheHare Sat 17-Jan-15 19:31:48

Sounds very Americana but if you're happy with that go for it!

scratchandsniff Sat 17-Jan-15 19:39:47

I think we are going for Reuben, although not 100% decided. Still really like Woody but felt like we needed to go with a proper name iyswim, and I don't like Woodrow. I do really like Woody though. Such a difficult decision. If you really like it I say go for it. I reckon Woody would be a cheeky sort of chap with lots of character!

scratchandsniff Sat 17-Jan-15 19:40:44

Mind you bump could turn out to be team pink!

FlyingSpud Sat 17-Jan-15 19:45:02

Reuben is lovely. It may be on my list if I didn't work closely with someone of that name grin

Would Woody work as an adult name? Would he get the piss taken out of him at school? hmm

WowserBowser Sat 17-Jan-15 19:45:23

The erection connection would put me off.

ThursdayLast Sat 17-Jan-15 19:47:51

I don't really like it.
I struggle to take it seriously as an actual name

ThursdayLast Sat 17-Jan-15 19:49:00

Maybe as a shortening of Edward? Then he can mix it up a little if he too doesn't think its quite an 'adult' name.

FlyingSpud Sat 17-Jan-15 19:51:40

Wowser I totally get that. It's one of my main concerns...

Thursday its funny you say that as I like Edward, but not Ed or Eddie. I hadn't thought of Woody as a version of Edward.

FlyingSpud Sat 17-Jan-15 19:52:33

('Erection connection' = phrase of the day grin )

myotherusernameisbetter Sat 17-Jan-15 19:52:48

There is nothing to stop you calling your baby any name and using the nickname Woody if that's what you want, there is no law that says it needs to be short for something or appear on the birth certificate.

I know several children who have perfectly normal/average names (i.e. Thomas, Charles etc) who are know by other names that bear no relation to their given name - even being used as an official name in school.

Not saying that you cant use Woody as a given name, just saying if you don't want to and don't like Woodrow, you could call your child Reuben on the BC as you've said above and still call him Woody and if he didn't like it when he was older, he can revert to Reuben.

KatieKaye Sat 17-Jan-15 19:55:16

Can't see Woody as being a shortened version of Edward - just makes me think of Edward Woodward...

Sorry, but Woody only has negative connotations for me as a name - first of all Woody Allan (an his behaviour with his daughter) and the inevitable erection connection. Oh, and the incredibly annoying Woody Woodpecker.

Notso Sat 17-Jan-15 19:58:58

It's an ok nickname. I don't think I'd like Woody to be my only name option though.

Sparklingbrook Sat 17-Jan-15 20:00:59

Zoe Ball's son is called Woody. Just reminds me of Toy Story.

OttiliaVonBCup Sat 17-Jan-15 20:01:42


PercyGherkin Sat 17-Jan-15 20:02:20

I know an Edward known as Woody, I like it. (I also know Edwards known as Ed, Eddie and Ned - lots of options if he grows up not to like Woody or Edward!)

BlueBrightBlue Sat 17-Jan-15 20:03:13

I rather like Woodland as a first name. Call him Woody for short.
A man needs a "proper" name.

FlyingSpud Sat 17-Jan-15 20:04:04

Hmmm. Very mixed opinions. Totally expected but still interesting.

PunkrockerGirl Sat 17-Jan-15 20:05:08

No. Horrible (imo)

FlyingSpud Sat 17-Jan-15 20:06:12

Blue I completely agree about the proper name.

Not sure about Woodland. Makes me think of those WOODLAND FOR SALE signs I see bloody everywhere (says she asking for opinions on Woody grin )

ThursdayLast Sat 17-Jan-15 20:14:13

is Woodland a 'proper' name???

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