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Baby Luca due in nine weeks.....middle name help PLEASE

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Kellygatt Sat 17-Jan-15 16:18:33

Naming our little boy Luca, just need help with middle name options. We are thinking a traditional middle may be best. Two Italian options for his middle name are Matteo or Cristiano. Any opinions, and/or suggestions for a more traditional middle ? Thanks all!

noitsbecky Sat 17-Jan-15 16:47:33


forcookssake Sat 17-Jan-15 19:40:16


Radish9 Sat 17-Jan-15 19:53:45


Blahia Sat 17-Jan-15 19:55:53

Luca is cute. I really like Matteo with it (depending on your surname).

Otherwise how about:

Blahia Sat 17-Jan-15 19:56:18

Uhh Samuel is nice!

TheSporkforeatingkyriarchy Sat 17-Jan-15 20:51:23

I think Luca Matteo sounds very nice.

For Italian traditional names, Alfonso/Alonzo, Cosimo, Durante/Dante, Graziano, Prospero?

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