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opinion on how to spell Raphaela

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honeydue3 Fri 16-Jan-15 14:01:58

There seem to be quite a few ways but I prefer the ph rather than the f spelling but not sure if i should use 1 l or 2


I'm thinking better to go with less letters as we have a long surname, any thoughts?

I would also like opinions on the name please smile

loislines Fri 16-Jan-15 14:08:15

Yep, I'd go for one L and the ph. Two Ls looks fussy to me.

noitsbecky Fri 16-Jan-15 14:11:00

One L!

acharmofgoldfinches Fri 16-Jan-15 14:24:41

Raphaela - however you spell it, is gorgeous. I'd have loved to use Raphael for a DS, but DH wouldn't have it.

I think traditionally Raphael is the Italian spelling and the feminine form would have two ll's before the a, and Rafael is the Spanish spelling and the feminine form would have just one.

But it's whatever you prefer really, it's lovely either way smile

SunnyBaudelaire Fri 16-Jan-15 14:26:48

lovely name no matter how you spell it.

UnrelatedToElephants Fri 16-Jan-15 14:28:09

Two Ls with PH for the italian version, F and one L for the spanish. A combo for your own youneek version.

Zsazsabinks Fri 16-Jan-15 14:30:58

This is one of our top girls names too! DH is Portuguese and the spelling in Portugal (and Spain and probably Brazil) is:


Italy it's:


UK it's:


I think we would go for the UK spelling, just because 'f' looks almost like we don't know how to spell it, even though I would know that it is right because DH is Portuguese.

squoosh Fri 16-Jan-15 14:57:17

Saint Raphaela only had one 'l'.

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