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final name decsions

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tiaandlottie Wed 14-Jan-15 11:59:01

Well we have finally decided! Horray! lol

What do you think?

Girl - Thea Jayne ( Jayne is my mums name )
Boy - Blake Isaac

squoosh Wed 14-Jan-15 12:20:44

I really love Thea.

Blake is a bit too 'glitzy American soap opera character' for me.

TempsPerdu Wed 14-Jan-15 12:57:54

Agree with squoosh - Thea is absolutely lovely, but Blake comes across as a bit 'flashy' and Hollywood for my taste (as a first name, anyway). Much prefer Isaac Blake.

evamummy Wed 14-Jan-15 14:17:58

I like Thea, but prefer the full name Theodora.

Blake is ok but a little surnamey (e.g. quentin blake).

Deerhound Wed 14-Jan-15 14:38:28

Thea Jayne is great.

I prefer Isaac Blake

Allalonenow Wed 14-Jan-15 14:48:34

I prefer Theodora to Thea, though Thea is a pretty nn, and I think Isaac Blake flows better than Blake Isaac.

Rhubarbgarden Wed 14-Jan-15 18:23:59

Thea is gorgeous. I don't like Blake at all.

Benchmark Wed 14-Jan-15 19:43:39

I love Thea! I like Blake, it's different and you don't hear it often. Good choices!

mathanxiety Wed 14-Jan-15 20:54:16

All the names are great except Blake, imo. Blake might work as a MN, if it has some significance for you and you don't want to drop it.

Only1scoop Wed 14-Jan-15 20:55:15

Love Thea....

Not partial to Blake.

Lazymummy2014 Wed 14-Jan-15 20:56:54

I like Blake!!

carbolicsoaprocked Wed 14-Jan-15 21:01:46

Thea Jayne is lovely and I like Blake Isaac, but agree that Isaac Blake flows better. I suppose it depends on the surname too though!

DramaAlpaca Wed 14-Jan-15 22:35:26

I'm not keen on Thea, but I like Theodora.

I like Blake.

coldtoe Wed 14-Jan-15 23:24:50

Adore Blake! It has a skater vibe to me.

tiaandlottie Thu 15-Jan-15 08:46:14

Thanks for the replies everyone. :-) we love both names, reguarding Blake Isaac, Blake is our first name choice, i love it! I actually wanted to use a family name, of one of my brothers, for the middle name, but if i use one and not the other, i will probably offend the other one lol. Their names are Thomas and Samuel, and thought using Thomas as it has Sam incorperated in Thomas, however, Sam isn't in great place mentally at the moment and would only see that the name Thomas has been used, and not that it would be after both of them, so we decided, if it is boy that we will use our second name choice as the middle name.

Leeds2 Thu 15-Jan-15 10:14:34

Love Thea Jayne.

Wouldn't personally choose Blake.

noitsbecky Sat 17-Jan-15 20:36:57

I like Blake too, it reminds me of Amy Winehouse's fella and all though he wasn't a great guy, it makes me think of rock stars.

Rock star baby names = good baby names in my book!

Could I offer Blaise as an alternative? LOVE that name.

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