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Naming app/book

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itssangriaoclock Thu 08-Jan-15 10:00:42

Can anyone recommend a naming app/book.

Where do you find your naming inspiration?

florascotia Thu 08-Jan-15 11:08:22

This book is fascinating, scholarly and reliable but - alas - out of print. However, unused second hand copies can be purchased very, very cheaply online:

The text has been published online, see:

You presumably know about which is excellent and also trustworthy, and which is a wonderful mixture of information about names, gathered from all kinds of current and historical sources.

Beware most other sites - some are OK, but many are full of well-meaning nonsense.

MinnesotaNice Thu 08-Jan-15 13:39:51

Found DS1's name in this book:

Also, really like this website: Nameberry

Angelto5 Thu 08-Jan-15 13:44:04

We got our naming inspiration from characters in tv & films for our 5 dc.
I also recommend watch the credits of films/programmes-they have some unusual ones.

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