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JennyBlueWren Sat 27-Dec-14 18:58:22

Our proposed boy's names would make the initials JEF which is a bit like Jeff. Is that okay or to be avoided? One option would be to put an extra middle name in but that involves some more thinking.

WerewolfBarMitzvah Sat 27-Dec-14 19:01:13

I don't see the problem. Surely most people's initials make words that are a bit like others?

WowserBowser Sat 27-Dec-14 19:02:36

I think that is totally ok!

TallulahTwinkletoes Sat 27-Dec-14 19:23:37

Totally ok.

Ones to worry about are ASS and BUM wink

myotherusernameisbetter Sat 27-Dec-14 19:46:43

yes JEF is fine, CUM, TIT, FUK are also on the "don't do it" list grin

WowserBowser Sat 27-Dec-14 19:55:21

Oh, and BOOBIES is out too

midwinternights Sat 27-Dec-14 20:35:37

No problem

JennyBlueWren Sat 27-Dec-14 21:31:38

Wowser -:p I think it would be unfair to give a child 5 middle names as well as with those initials! Imagine filling out forms! Only royalty can get away with it as they have people to do the form filling for them.

TimefIies Sat 27-Dec-14 22:39:14

Do you mind if his friends call him Jeff? It's a fair possibility it would be a nickname he'd get. As others have said though, it seems pretty inoffensive.

skildpadden Sun 28-Dec-14 00:28:42

What's wrong with Jeff? I know on mumsnet it seems to be used like Smurf, but i don't get it.

myotherusernameisbetter Sun 28-Dec-14 01:04:02

I would also say that my children have managed to get to 14 and 13 without anyone even knowing they have a middle name, much less what it is and then worked out what their initials are. Unless you are trying to find an easy combination for a personalised number plate at a later date or it is truly offensive/rude then I wouldn't even think about it

moxon Sun 28-Dec-14 04:47:54


EugenesAxe Sun 28-Dec-14 04:58:46

For a minute I was expecting to post 'Do you really want a unique spelling reminiscent of a household cleaner?'

I also think it's fine, but that PP has a point that it could end up a nickname.

BonnieWeeJeannieMcCall Sun 28-Dec-14 13:12:08

I think it's fine.

skylark2 Sun 28-Dec-14 17:17:17

I think it's pretty harmless. Any time you have a vowel as a middle initial you're going to get something which is pronounceable. I don't think Jef is bad.

Bowlersarm Sun 28-Dec-14 17:20:55

I think you have to be prepared that he might get called Jef by his friends; I know two people who are known by the name their initials make. If it bothers you, I'd put another name in.

elQuintoConyoIKNOWHIM Sun 28-Dec-14 17:27:04

As in 'What the...?'

I don't think anyone will realise.

My Dsis changed her surname when she got married about.... ooh... 13 years ago. Her initials are now BJ. No one - and I mean no one - has commented in all this time.

Do you really see people's initials around these days? Except maybe on a school trunk or tuck box?

TheHorseHasBolted Sun 28-Dec-14 20:40:30

I think it would be quite cool and he could potentially use Jef(f) as a nickname if he ever fancied a change. (I actually like the name Jeff but wouldn't use Jeffrey as a full name right now because it seems so dated, so this would be a clever way around it!) But like some of the others, I don't think anyone will even think about his initials until he is a teenager at least, unless you intend to buy him lots of monogrammed stuff!

iwouldgoouttonight Sun 28-Dec-14 20:55:26

Just got me thinking about my friends and their DCs and if anyone has initials that spell a word. I know a LIE, SAG, GAG, MOG, TNT and PAT. None of which had occurred to me before grin

skildpadden Sun 28-Dec-14 21:12:02

my initials aren't great but luckily nobody (to my face) has commented.

is what the jeff a thing, or a mumsnet thing!??

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