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fishsausage Fri 19-Dec-14 18:01:49

Hello. Expecting first baby and came across the name Laney. Just wondered what everyone thinks. I guess a lot of people will suggest that its a nickname for Helena or Elena but I prefer Laney.

5madthings Fri 19-Dec-14 18:02:30

I know a lainey, spelt with an I though. I like it smile

TittyBojangles Fri 19-Dec-14 18:03:33

The only laney I know is called elaine.

KatieKaye Fri 19-Dec-14 18:03:52

I'd think it was short for Elaine

zoobaby Sat 20-Dec-14 19:42:19

I've known one spelt Laine. Pronounced how Laney looks. She was a lovely little girl too.

UriGeller Sat 20-Dec-14 19:46:45

Everyone will assume it's a nickname for Elaine or Helena anyway.

RustyBear Sat 20-Dec-14 19:49:54

I knew a Laney, who was named after her mum, who was apparently called that 'because she was born in a lane.'

fishsausage Sat 20-Dec-14 20:42:26

rusty good thing she wasn't born in a toilet or Tescos!fgrin

ZenNudist Sat 20-Dec-14 20:46:56

Elena / Helena are great names. Laney is awful. She will be called Lamey Laney. Even Elaine is better (but not great)

Crusoe Sat 20-Dec-14 20:48:53

I know a Lainey and I've always loved the name. Thumbs up from me.

MinnieM1 Sat 20-Dec-14 20:50:31

I wouldn't presume it's a nickname
I like it

Angelto5 Sat 20-Dec-14 21:01:25

Instantly makes me think of Rachel Leigh cooks character in she's all thatgrin
lovely name

WittyUsername102 Sat 20-Dec-14 22:19:36

I like it, but to me it is short for Delaney.

apotatoprintinapeartree Sat 20-Dec-14 22:23:39

This was one of my ancestors names, way back about 1800's I always thought it was a shortened version of another name, but she is on official records as this.
I'm not sure if I like it or not, tbh.

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Sat 20-Dec-14 22:25:26

I know a female Lane who is about 55 and a male Lane who is 7. Both use Laney as a NN.

TheLostPelvicFloorOfPoosh Sat 20-Dec-14 22:25:43

Winona Ryder's character in Reality Bites was called Lelaina, which was shortened to Laney, I love it.

Beangarda Sat 20-Dec-14 23:11:21

There's Lainey Keogh, who is a well-known Irish fashion designer - don't know what her original name was, though assume not Lainey.

Less likeablly, there's a godawful US 'mommy blogger' whose name escapes me (her blog is something like 'Enjoying the Small Things') with a daughter called Lainey Love.

pilates Sat 20-Dec-14 23:20:09

Sorry, I think it's horrible

PoseyParker Sat 20-Dec-14 23:35:17

My cousin named her daughter this. I think they had a similar reaction to many posters here; thinking it was a nn but she totally suits it and we don't think of the name like that now. If you love it, go for it!

delaselva Sat 20-Dec-14 23:37:07

I like it. It might not get the mumsnet vote but it's a short, pretty name and there aren't a lot of them (if there are any). I like Elena if you need a full name. Or Eleanor.

delaselva Sat 20-Dec-14 23:38:46

Actually, I like Delaney. Sur names and all that, usually a no no. But Delaney is pretty so I make an exception.

fishsausage Sun 21-Dec-14 00:46:46

I like Delaney too. Only met one and she was very glam! Chuffed so many like it on here. I know posters say go for what you like but hormones can cloud judgement and wondered if I was missing something.

Which one do you think is best spelling? Lainey or Laney? I know there's Leni but that might get pronounced Lenny.

bouncingbelle Sun 21-Dec-14 00:54:41

I like it! But I'd spell it Lainey.

Purplevicki Sun 21-Dec-14 01:22:28

I know a Léanie - which is pronounced 'laney'

Fuckmath Sun 21-Dec-14 01:26:05

Beangarda I think you mean Kelly Hampton. Not sure why she is godawful confused she seems fairly inoffensive

Lainey is nice enough, not my thing (prefer Lena) but nothing wrong with it

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