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Thoughts on the name Elliott

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Bertrina Thu 18-Dec-14 02:46:40

Hi all, first post but a regular reader.
Rather premature at 12 weeks but DP and I have been discussing baby names...
We both love the name Jessica for a girl but he hates my favourite* boys name, Elliott.

*my favourite boys name is actually Thomas but we have a nephew of that name. We both love the name Daniel, but DPs brother is called Daniel and as much as I like him, I don't want it to be thought that baby is named after him.

The only other name I like at the moment is Elliott but DP hates it, and thinks he will be picked on (why, I don't know. The best he can come up with is because of ET)
Middle name will be John (DPs late dad).

For a girl we both love Jessica, with middle name Alice (my late grandma's name).

Please give me your thoughts on the name Elliott (I prefer 2 t's, but appreciate this isn't the norm, will this cause problems?) and help me reassure DP that it isn't an awful name. Also any opinions on the other names, or similar names we might both like would be appreciated.

Dollyemi Thu 18-Dec-14 02:58:18

Elliott is gorgeous, let's face it, his school friends won't have a clue who/what ET is so that didn't even cross my mind. The spelling may bother you but not if you accept now that people will always spell his name differently.
Your name choices are nice, I understand you not wanting to name him the same as your BIL though.
Not sure they're similar but names I'm considering include Henry, Albert, Stanley, Adam, Thomas.

NadiaWadia Thu 18-Dec-14 03:08:13

Why would he be picked on, for goodness sake? There are loads of Elliotts around, quite normal!

Bertrina Thu 18-Dec-14 03:38:04

Thanks Dollyemi, I'll have to point out to him that the 80's are a long time ago now haha. Ps, I love all your potential names, particularly Adam (so underused these days) and Henry.
I have no idea Nadia, I'm just hoping I can twist his arm but if not, we do have similar taste in names (traditional) so fingers crossed we can agree on a name in the next 27 or so weeks!

Aciderwouldbenice Thu 18-Dec-14 04:54:03

I have an Elliott - I like the T's as well. It is a gorgeous name and really suits my pretty little son.
My husband disliked the name too, but once son arrived he admitted he suited the name perfectly and let me have my way. I got the name from E.T but only one person has ever mentioned the film and our social circle are all late 70s/early 80s children.
Many people do leave off the 2nd T though but I don't lose sleep over it!

Legwarmersforboys Thu 18-Dec-14 04:57:37

Love it

Aciderwouldbenice Thu 18-Dec-14 04:57:55

I should mention that husband loves the name now, same thing happened with our second baby!

cathpip Thu 18-Dec-14 05:01:32

Well I think Elliott is a fabulous name smile but then I am biased as I'm snuggling up to my 8 month old called Elliott at the moment.

shoobidoo Thu 18-Dec-14 07:02:30

If your dh hates the name, then does it really matter what we think? I personally like it, the only potential negative could be the nickname El or Elly which sound quite girly. Otherwise it's a great name and no one will think of ET these days.

originalusernamefail Thu 18-Dec-14 07:10:34

I have a Thomas Elliot so I think you have very good taste grin .My DH and I couldn't agree on anything for a boy ( he had no ideas but said no to all of mine angry). I followed the midwives advice of "just have a cry in the delivery room - once he's seen you go through labour he'll give you anything you want!". It worked! We are now thinking of DC2 and I'm dreading another DS purely because I'd have no idea what to call him! You could see me on these boards soon.

thanks On you beautiful boy

originalusernamefail Thu 18-Dec-14 07:12:33

Sorry baby not boy. Please come back and let me know if I made a successful prediction grin.

PrimalLass Thu 18-Dec-14 07:14:39

Elliot is a fab name.

Aciderwouldbenice Thu 18-Dec-14 09:59:37

I am a teacher and asked the couple of Elliotts at school what their nicknames were, one got Elmo from family and just his name at school, though other only ever Elliott at home and a nickname from his surname from friends.
Our Elliott gets Tots- as in ElliTots (Jelly Tots- which he does indeed love! )

squoosh Thu 18-Dec-14 11:16:35

I quite like the name Elliott but your husband's reaction reminds me of this clip.

TotleighTowers Thu 18-Dec-14 17:12:27

I really like it but much prefer it with one "t" - to me, two "t"s is for the surname, and one "t" is for the first name.

My DH is lobbying for Elliot as a name for our soon-to-be-born son - the only things keeping it off the shortlist are the facts that a) his mother doesn't like it, and b) my cousin has just called HER son Elliot.

But it's a lovely, classic but not old-fashioned, name for a little boy. Other names we're considering:


We also like Oliver, Charles and Jacob, but they're also ruled out because of friends/family members.

charlie0123 Thu 18-Dec-14 17:16:33

I have an 18 year old Elliot. Named after ET as that was our first date. People usually get the spelling wrong though - give it 2 T's. IMO one t is for a first name but what do I know?? I love it!!!

charlie0123 Thu 18-Dec-14 17:17:03

He gets called 'El' by the way.

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