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WARNING Nerds naming a baby...

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SleepyBug Tue 02-Dec-14 20:35:07

Hello ladies smile I'm pregnant with non-identical twins (unknown genders) and we're stuck in the mud. Our current favourites are ~

Boys ~


Honest opinions and suggestions would be lovely although be gentle, over emotional pregnant lady alert
Thank you x

AlmaMartyr Tue 02-Dec-14 20:39:26

For girls, I like Paloma, Sanda and Minerva. For the boys, I'd avoid Merlin and Rogue personally. This may not be a factor for you but Stanley is quite a popular name these days.

MummyBeerest Tue 02-Dec-14 20:40:00

Wow, congratulations!

I've never heard of Wulfric. But I really like it! I also love Thomas and Stanley.

For girls...I really like Paloma. Very pretty.

Um, suggestions...I like Athena better than Minerva. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't she Minerva's Greek counterpart?

Waltermittythesequel Tue 02-Dec-14 20:41:53

Isn't Azazel a demon?

And Khaleesi? Sorry, I just think that's not nerdy (which is cool) it's quite, well, not chavvy because I hate that word but it's not great! Sorry. blush

iamelectrogirl Tue 02-Dec-14 20:42:32

Are you a Harry Potter fan by any chance? I've got a baby Hugo due on sunday smile if he was a girl, he'd have been Rose

TellmetogetonwithmyWork Tue 02-Dec-14 20:42:47

From your list I like

Percy, wulfric, Minerva, paloma (if you can avoid people thinking it is after paloma faith)

I would suggest: bram, caspian. Hermione, Ariadne, Tudor, genevieve

Waltermittythesequel Tue 02-Dec-14 20:43:03

I like Remus and Paloma together, if you were to have a b/g! smile

CaptainAnkles Tue 02-Dec-14 20:43:22

My favourites are Stanley and Sansa.
Not sure which you're going for but Circe is a witch in Greek mythology, and Cersei from Game of Thrones is pretty evil, so I'd avoid it either way. Khaleesi is a title rather than a first name and I think it will date horribly.

Waltermittythesequel Tue 02-Dec-14 20:43:47

Ooh Bram is cool!

fatterface Tue 02-Dec-14 20:44:11

Don't name your child after a current popular TV show! Khaleesi is particularly awful and will really date.

Paloma is your nicest girls' name. Minerva is ok too but not to my taste, Minnie for short?

Boys, Thomas and Stanley are my favourites, though I like Ronnie.

TellmetogetonwithmyWork Tue 02-Dec-14 20:44:50

If 2 boys you could just go for Romulus and Remus...

Hedgehogging Tue 02-Dec-14 20:45:44


Remus, Castiel and Bronn get my vote for the boys, and Circe and Sansa for girls.

Khaleesi is a title, not a name (fellow nerd)- I'd go for Danaerys if you were thinking ass-kicking GOT girls grin

ArthurShappey Tue 02-Dec-14 20:46:12

Honestly? Okay...

Remus - alright
Thomas - boring
Castiel - sounds like a building rather than a person
Bron - far too GoT
Wulfric - no, just no.
Ronald - McDonald
Merlin - alright
Stanley - okay I suppose
Rogue - no, this is a female name from x men to me and sounds wrong for a boy
Percy - no, far too Thomas the tank engine
Azazel - this is not a name, how do you even say it? Are you missing an I in here?

Circe - no, too GoT
Paloma - mehhh
Sansa - you really do like your GoT
Minerva - and your Harry Potter
Khaleesi - the most ridiculous of your list

Hedgehogging Tue 02-Dec-14 20:46:29

X post with Captainankles!

fatterface Tue 02-Dec-14 20:46:40

Honestly - Castiel, Bronn, Rogue, Azazel - just no. Definitely no to Sansa and Khaleesi, Circe is pushing it.

Allstoppedup Tue 02-Dec-14 20:46:40


Hmm...I can't think of much.

Have to say I like most of yours but I'm not a fan of Khaleesi, Daenerys is prettier grin but baby names are super personal. My DS has an unusual name too smile

Ethelswith Tue 02-Dec-14 20:47:32

I think Wulfric is a lovely name, but I don't think it fits with any of your girls names. Nor the boys, come to that. But Wulfric & Aethelstan set would be fantastic.

tabulahrasa Tue 02-Dec-14 20:50:01

I'd avoid the supernatural and game of thrones ones...they're too current to be irrelevant when they start school and too distinctive to just be names.

Rogue? As in x-men? Why a boy's name then? I mean not that it makes much difference because I'd avoid anything used fairly commonly as a word like that.

DealForTheKids Tue 02-Dec-14 20:54:50

How about Guinevere for the girl's list? I've always loved it but I'm not bold enough to use it - feel like it fits in with your tone.

Lagoonablue Tue 02-Dec-14 20:57:01

Percy is great.

flossieflower Tue 02-Dec-14 20:57:35

1/3 of identical twins have separate placentas including my own so unless they are boy/ girl I'm not sure how you are so sure that they are non identical.

Don't do anything too 'current', it will date them terribly!

Smartiepants79 Tue 02-Dec-14 20:58:07

I also would not be choosing anything that very obviously came from a current book/tv fad.
My favourites would be Thomas and Sansa.

Pelicangiraffe Tue 02-Dec-14 20:58:07

Nerdy names

Eric or Erica and Remy

ShadowKat Tue 02-Dec-14 20:59:19

Rogue is clearly a girl's name.

And I'm not sure what you're thinking of when you think of Percy, but it makes me think of Thomas the Tank Engine and friends.

fatterface Tue 02-Dec-14 20:59:28

Sansa is pretty obviously from a current book/TV fad though!

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