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Are Louisa and Elsa too similar for sisters?

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Sparkleheart Sun 23-Nov-14 22:21:25

We are expecting our 2nd baby in April. Won't find out the sex until Saturday but have a feeling it's another girl. DD is Louisa and I am struggling to find another name I love as much. I really do like Elsa though but not sure if they sound a bit too similar? What would you think if you heard sisters called Louisa and Elsa? Any other suggestions to go with Louisa? Thanks x

CheeseEqualsHappiness Sun 23-Nov-14 22:25:01

I love it but it may become very very common as a result of Frozen. I like the combination though

CheeseEqualsHappiness Sun 23-Nov-14 22:26:06

Maybe something with a different sound at the end?

Sparkleheart Sun 23-Nov-14 22:28:15

I know, the possible popularity is my other worry! We would probably use Elsie as a nickname but not full time I wouldn't imagine. Naming 2nd babies is hard!

Rox19 Sun 23-Nov-14 22:28:47

How about Elsie instead?

Tweediewalker Sun 23-Nov-14 22:32:02

I think it's a nice combination but I can't help but hear 'do you wanna build a snowman?'

nooka Sun 23-Nov-14 22:44:38

I think that Louise and Elsa would be fine, as would Louisa and Elsie, but Louisa and Elsa are too similar. Plus I imagine Elsa may well boom in popularity.

Sophronia Sun 23-Nov-14 23:28:46

I think they're fine together, but what about Eliza instead of Elsa?

Sparkleheart Sun 23-Nov-14 23:34:40

I love Eliza but feel its almost maybe more similar to Louisa than Elsa even! What do you all think? I would love to put Eliza on my list!

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