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Spanielpuppy Sun 23-Nov-14 13:47:35

What are your thoughts and opinions, heard it in a movie last night. I haven't stopped thinking bout since

CalmAndConfused Sun 23-Nov-14 14:04:15

I love it myself

Olivo Sun 23-Nov-14 14:20:49

Awful ,sorry!

Madcatgirl Sun 23-Nov-14 14:21:32

I love it and considered it for ds2.

NorbertDentressangle Sun 23-Nov-14 14:24:54

No, have to agree it's awful.

The only Aubrey I've ever known was an old, ex-luvvie retired theatre actor type who wore a smoking jacket and cravat which met every preconception of the name I'd ever had!

Jumblebee Sun 23-Nov-14 14:33:59

I love it smile

pinkyredrose Sun 23-Nov-14 14:35:10

Aubrey Beardsley fan here so I love it!

It is the name of a cartoon character with a big nose, that people used to draw on walls in the 1980s. I hate it, sorry.

Spanielpuppy Sun 23-Nov-14 14:46:58

Oh I thought it was a girls name?

BirdhouseInYourSoul Sun 23-Nov-14 14:49:59

I've heard it for both.

Strikes me as America for some reason.

ZenNudist Sun 23-Nov-14 14:51:27


batmanandrobin Sun 23-Nov-14 14:55:11

my friends daughter has this name and she's beautiful so i think it's quite sweet. one of those names i wouldn't use myself however!

CountBapula Sun 23-Nov-14 14:55:54

Reminds me of the episode of Only Fools and Horses where they have a seance.

Medium: The spirits are with us. A man has stepped forward. A tall, elderly man wearing a black coat and a black hat. He wished to speak to someone called Audrey... No, no Aubrey.
Del: Aubrey?
Boycie: I am here
Rodney: Aubrey?
Boycie: It's my middle name.
Trigger: You never said your name was Aubrey.
Boycie: Nor would you if your name was Aubrey.

Pretty sure it's a boys' name.

ALittleFaith Sun 23-Nov-14 14:58:28

It's both. There's a character called Aubrey in Pitch Perfect. I like it but I think you'd/she's spend forever correcting it from Audrey.

CrispyFern Sun 23-Nov-14 15:07:25

It's more of a girl's name now in the US.

pinkyredrose Sun 23-Nov-14 15:16:34

It's a unisex name. Aubrey Beardsley is most definitely a man.

Madcatgirl Sun 23-Nov-14 15:20:06

Aubrey is not a girls name.

JakeyBurd Sun 23-Nov-14 15:33:51

Traditional old boys' name recently co-opted for girls. Because there aren't enough girl names already... wink

CalmAndConfused Sun 23-Nov-14 15:44:15

I thought it was a girls name.

babyblabber Sun 23-Nov-14 16:46:27

I posted about it before. It's traditionally a boy's name in UK but it's s girl's name in France and more commonly America.

I think it's lovely as a girl's name but too feminine for a boy. I'd love to use it but seeing as their are people who think it's only for boys I was kind of put off it.

Oh and one of the teen moms on mtv has an Aubrey which isn't great!

Spanielpuppy Sun 23-Nov-14 20:06:12

Baby blabber I agree it's too girlie for a boy.

It was pitch perfect I heard it.

At the mo I think it's a firm favourite. But we will see x

Thank you all

burgatroyd Sun 23-Nov-14 21:28:51

Its now being used for girls.

I think its actually a nice sounding word.

But prefer Bree as a name.

burgatroyd Sun 23-Nov-14 21:29:18

How about Brinley?

Only1scoop Sun 23-Nov-14 21:30:12

There was one last night on Millionaire Matchmaker....I'm not keen....

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