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Sibling for Polly- comprehensive musical knowledge required!

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BeanCalledPickle Sun 16-Nov-14 21:15:02

Dd is Polly because we were listening to Nevermind and said 'that's her name!'

Now she will have a sibling. It's really important to us to have a name from music. Girl we are thinking Luna - last track on Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream. Possibly Chloe - Motherlovebone.

Our musical tastes are 90's grunge, alternative punky type stuff.

Are there any good names out there, especially for boys? Jeremy- pearl jam - isn't in the mix and is what most people suggest! Don't really want to use musicians names either, so no Kurt, Trent etc


Asleeponasunbeam Sun 16-Nov-14 21:17:49

No suggestions but love your theme and love Polly (and Nevermind).

Our DD is named after a Beatles song.

Contenders for DS were all from Belle and Sebastian songs (not your taste I guess, but we changed!). Jonathan, David and Anthony.

Asleeponasunbeam Sun 16-Nov-14 21:18:23

Actually, I love Jeremy!

Would love to hear what you choose.

forago Sun 16-Nov-14 21:20:34

Dylan not grunge enough I guess?

Great theme, really want to think of a boys names!


forago Sun 16-Nov-14 21:22:07

Find out the name of the baby boy on Nevermind?

CharlesRyder Sun 16-Nov-14 21:22:15

James, as in James.

Sammy- Sammy was low.
Andy- Andy, you're a star.
Jenny- Jenny was a friend of mine.
Deborah- Disco 2000

Asleeponasunbeam Sun 16-Nov-14 21:23:36

Oh hell, I need to have another daughter to name her Deborah.

I have to!

Thought we were finished!

TinklyLittleLaugh Sun 16-Nov-14 21:24:09

Do you know what "Polly" is about?

JimmyCorkhill Sun 16-Nov-14 21:25:00

Tyler by Toadies (Rubberneck 1994)

elotrolado Sun 16-Nov-14 21:26:41



Asleeponasunbeam Sun 16-Nov-14 21:27:00


BeanCalledPickle Sun 16-Nov-14 21:40:50

Violet was first choice but SIL stole!

Polly doesn't start well, I give you that, but it turns out well- she was smart enough to trick her captor into thinking she enjoyed it so he let her go. Smart cookie really!

JimmyCorkhill Sun 16-Nov-14 21:41:09

Jessie by Paw
Bob (Cousin O.) by The Gits

HRHsherlockssextoy Sun 16-Nov-14 21:44:17

Why don't you give you child a name you like rather than trying to find one like this?

Or something bloom

Black was always my fav pearl jam song
And it's funny I have an Edward, never Eddie, and I was a huge pearl jam fan.

Actually pearl is a great name
I don't like Jeremy

findingherfeet Sun 16-Nov-14 21:49:23

Cash/Jonny/June/Jackson were on my list but then I like country..

I have an unusual name, my kids have unusual (well foreign) names, I like unusual...but luna? I know a little luna, every time I hear it I think 'TIC'!! She's pre-school age but won't her peers be mean?

Theresadogonyourballs Sun 16-Nov-14 21:49:54

I have an Eloise, courtesy of The Damned gringrin

BeanCalledPickle Sun 16-Nov-14 21:50:16

DH has vetoed pearl! I guess cos Polly has a story it would seem weird to call it bob just cos we like the name bob.

Mouldypineapple Sun 16-Nov-14 21:51:29

Delilah! Lots of songs with that in, may be one to your liking.

LoveWillTearUsApart Sun 16-Nov-14 21:56:35

Ayla - The Maccabees
Iris - The GooGoo Dolls

LoveWillTearUsApart Sun 16-Nov-14 21:58:05

Arabella - Arctic Monkeys
Helena - MCR
Matilda - alt-J

SpringHeeledJack Sun 16-Nov-14 22:04:33

(dear) Prudence

I know it's not your era but it alliterates naicely with Polly imo

wish I'd thought of it

bouncingbelle Sun 16-Nov-14 22:08:11

Alison from Alison's starting to happen by the lemon heads.

Alisons's starting to happen to me!!!! smile

bouncingbelle Sun 16-Nov-14 22:09:08

Ray - though it's hopefully not a shame about ray!!

ReinholdMessner Sun 16-Nov-14 22:13:07

Do you like Ben Folds (with and without Five)?

Loads of names. Emaline, Kate, Zak, Sara, Fred, Steven, Kylie, Cathy, Gracie, Annie, Stan, Jane, Julianne, Alice, Jackson, Summer...

ReinholdMessner Sun 16-Nov-14 22:15:34

Or Bat for Lashes? Daniel, Pearl, Marilyn, Daphne.

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