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Arthur, Thomas or Rory?

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PrintScreen Sat 15-Nov-14 07:51:00

Arthur, Thomas or Rory: which is your fave? Sibling to Anna.

iwasabrooker Sat 15-Nov-14 08:20:45


Dinosaursdontgrowontrees Sat 15-Nov-14 08:23:07

Love Arthur, best name ever but with Anna I think Rory sounds better.

tammytoby Sat 15-Nov-14 10:31:16


Thomas too common and I too would avoid Anna and Arthur.

Bowlersarm Sat 15-Nov-14 10:36:25

Rory, or Thomas (if you like Tom).

Can't bear Arthur.

Embolio Sat 15-Nov-14 10:40:52


TempsPerdu Sat 15-Nov-14 14:52:55

Rory here too.

clary Sat 15-Nov-14 15:00:24

Arthur is a great name grin but I am not mad about matching initials plus it could cause postal confusion.

Thomas is very popular still, there is one in most of the classes I teach whereas there are no students called Rory or Arthur in the school. In case that is something you are concerned about! This is 11-16yo btw.

Anna and Rory may be better than Anna and Arthur tbh. As long as your surname isn't Lyons. grin

Sophronia Sat 15-Nov-14 15:29:40

Anna and Thomas.

mrsfarquhar Sat 15-Nov-14 15:59:31


Leeds2 Sat 15-Nov-14 18:41:40


Playdoughcaterpillar Sat 15-Nov-14 18:49:04


Mehitabel6 Sat 15-Nov-14 18:49:18


RRJRJR Sun 16-Nov-14 20:27:28

Thomas too over used

Rory is good. It's quite posh sounding but not OTT

Arthur - old fashioned names are very popular. Don't know a shortening for it.

I think I would go for Arthur. Anna and Arthur has a nice ring to it.

DramaAlpaca Sun 16-Nov-14 20:30:00


fishfingerSarnies Sun 16-Nov-14 20:30:44


WhenTheSpermMeetsTheEgg Sun 16-Nov-14 20:46:43

I love Arthur and I love Artie as a nickname. I don't think it really works with Anna though so in that case I'd go with Rory. I have never liked the name Thomas for some reason.

morethanpotatoprints Sun 16-Nov-14 20:50:39

Arthur or Thomas, not Rory.
Only personal preference though.

1. Thomas
2. Arthur

TellmetogetonwithmyWork Sun 16-Nov-14 20:53:32


Not faddy, not overly popular, but a proper name that is good on a child or adult.

PrintScreen Sun 16-Nov-14 20:55:17

Do people not like Anna and Arthur together just because of matching initials? Or is it more than that.

I quite like the sound of the two together but maybe I'm too close to it to think.

Matching initials don't bother me as post is rare in this day and age and anyway they are different genders.

catsofa Sun 16-Nov-14 21:03:24

I like all of them!

Thomas - great name, just depends if you care that it's so popular.

Arthur - I love but I wouldn't like the same initials for siblings, it's not just post it's any list of names anywhere. Maybe you could start another thread asking people who had the same initial as siblings if they hated it or not? Apart from that the names go together well. Bear in mind if you ever have another child they might have to have a name beginning with A too or they'd be the odd one out.

Rory - love it and it goes with Anna too... actually can you just use all these names? grin

squoosh Sun 16-Nov-14 23:25:20


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