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Tabitha, Evelyn (Eve) or Rose?

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Isabel99 Tue 11-Nov-14 23:51:39

Needs to go with sister Emilia. Any opinions gratefully received as we cannot decide!!

PandasRock Tue 11-Nov-14 23:56:13

Tabitha. It's one of my favourite girl's names, but dh vetoed it every time.

Evelyn/Eve is too popular for me, and Rose is a bit < meh> perfectly nice, but doesn't grab me.

NetballHoop Tue 11-Nov-14 23:58:38

In order of my preference:

Rose (Rosie)
Evelyn (Evie)
Tabitha (Tabs)

SnoringNorma Wed 12-Nov-14 02:24:38

Tabitha is top! Unusual without being outlandish.

StoneFoxMama Wed 12-Nov-14 06:03:38

Tabitha by a mile

rootypig Wed 12-Nov-14 06:05:28

Torn between Tabitha and Rose. On balance I think Rose, with Emilia. No wait, Tabitha!

ha, I am helpful grin

Nospringflower Wed 12-Nov-14 06:27:14

Tabitha. Not keen on others.

Dinnerfor1 Wed 12-Nov-14 07:04:28

I like Rose, then Evelyn and then Tabitha. They are all lovely names.

I think Rose goes the best with Emilia, but I would, as my dd1 is Emilia Rose!

burgatroyd Wed 12-Nov-14 09:40:42

Don't like Evelyn. Sounds like Evil in

babyblabber Wed 12-Nov-14 09:45:40

Tabitha or what about Rosa?

VainVulva Wed 12-Nov-14 10:34:33

Adore Tabitha.

TempsPerdu Wed 12-Nov-14 12:27:34

Definitely Tabitha - lovely name, and goes really well with Emilia. Rosa/Rosanna would be lovely too.

squoosh Wed 12-Nov-14 12:31:48


Sophronia Wed 12-Nov-14 17:30:52



MoonHare Thu 13-Nov-14 21:50:24

Love your choices!

I have a Tabitha Evelyn (we say it Ev - lyn not Eve - lyn) and her sister's mn is Rose!

Trisarahtops Thu 13-Nov-14 21:56:32

We have an Evelyn (we pronounce it Ev-ah-lyn), so I may be a bit biased. I prefer Rose to Tabitha.

Isabel99 Thu 13-Nov-14 23:36:11

Thanks!! I'm surprised Tabitha gets so many votes, and not one cat mention which was a concern. DH is sold on Evelyn or Rose. I like them but am worried the first is too common with all the Evies and Evas and it doesn't go so well with siblings and agree Rose is a bit 'meh' as a first name but it is lovely and was my grandmothers name. Wish we'd sorted this before the birth and wish one of these felt like 'the' name for both of us.

pilates Fri 14-Nov-14 18:45:11

I prefer Rose, not keen on the other two.

Trisarahtops Fri 14-Nov-14 19:00:01

If it helps, the Emilias I know have sisters called Josephine and Martha.

exWifebeginsat40 Fri 14-Nov-14 19:02:26

i have a Tabitha. she's the only one in her high school - it makes her very happy!

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