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How do these Boys Names sound to Turkish ears?

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littlemarbles Thu 30-Oct-14 22:09:15

We are a mixed Turkish/Italian couple living in the UK, so need names that sit well with all three languages.

We have a feminine sounding surname so the first name needs to be very strong and masculine.

How do these names sound to Turkish people? Please come and help us decide!

Eden or Aydin
Roman or Romeo
Lea (Liya - meaning trustworthy)
Bay (Bey)
Oscar (Ozkar - shortened to Oz)

Thanks in advance!

littlemarbles Thu 30-Oct-14 23:15:35


littlemarbles Fri 31-Oct-14 11:01:27

Bump again!

tywysogesgymraeg Fri 31-Oct-14 11:09:14

I'm not Turkish, but thought I'd respond because no-one else has! Here are my thoughts

Eden or Aydin - No. Eden is a girl's name in UK
Roman or Romeo - yes
Leo - yes
Lea (Liya - meaning trustworthy) - No. Lea is also a girl's name in UK
Leandro - yes
Marlon - no
Devon - no, it's a place, not a name
Bay (Bey) - yes
Oscar (Ozkar - shortened to Oz) - yes
Orlando - yes
Moran - No. Sounds too much like morron
Artem - yes
Mylo - yes, love it
River - no, it's not a name, it's a naturally occurring body of water
Arden - yes
Pasha - yes, but the -a ending makes it sound girly
Esen - yes
Raven - no - it's a bird, not a name
Atlas - no - bit hard to live up to!
Nova - no - for no particular reason

littlemarbles Fri 31-Oct-14 11:15:27

Thank you for your thoughts! We are leaning towards Roman, Leon and Esen at the moment but it changes daily!

tywysogesgymraeg Fri 31-Oct-14 11:16:55

I particularly like Roman smile

Hope you get some opinons from Turkish people soon!

littlemarbles Fri 31-Oct-14 13:40:27

thank you!

littlemarbles Sun 09-Nov-14 23:24:49

Bump! Are there any Turkish people out there who can offer their thoughts? Thank you

jobrum Mon 10-Nov-14 21:04:40

Not Pashsa, it sounds like a nightclub 17 year olds try to get into. Esen and Artem sound really nice to my non-Turkish ears.

turdfairynomore Tue 11-Nov-14 20:16:09

Pasha and artem = strictly come dancing! To a UK ear!!

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