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DC1? check, shortlist? check - Opinions/Slightly quirky names suggestions now needed!

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IHateHelloKitty Wed 22-Oct-14 22:47:37

So now that DC1 is officially on the way AND that DH has come up with acceptable suggestions, I would love to hear your opinions on our list:

Ysolde (or Isolde or Essyllt but prefer the Y spelling because it is the same initial as my DM)
Beryl (nn Berry?) - I read horrible reviews dating back to a few years ago, does MN still hate Beryl? confused
Adelaide (nn Ada?)

Gustave (nn Gus)
Maximilian (nn Max)
Gweltaz (how easy would it be for you to spell/pronounce?)

We are not in the UK - but may very well move back there soon. Potential mn are Ellen/Lena/Helena, Yvonne, Louis/Louise/Louisa, Martha, Eva, Ann/Anna, Allen/Alan, Morris, Robert, Alexander(a).

Help me pick a combination for both boy or girl as we will not be finding out before DC1 is here!

Thank you!

Artandco Wed 22-Oct-14 22:54:23

Adalaide Yvonne or Willa Helena


Maximilian Alexander

or could add Louis so 'Maximilian Louis Alexander'

Belazu84 Wed 22-Oct-14 23:02:15

Isolde Louisa
Maximilian Louis

oaktober12 Wed 22-Oct-14 23:07:37

Anouk is great!

Anouk Helena


Alistair Robert
Maximilian Alexander

are my favourites. Would be stumped with Gweltaz I'm afraid.

Didactylos Wed 22-Oct-14 23:15:44

Anouk (like the little penguins)
or Gustave, but never shortened

Selks Wed 22-Oct-14 23:21:55

Isolde Ellen, and Isaac Alexander, for me.

Dickinsoon Wed 22-Oct-14 23:25:32

Yseult Eva

Isaac Piers

MsCoconut Thu 23-Oct-14 00:22:09

Marielle Louise
Gustave Louis or Isaac Alexander

Gweltaz I would probably just call Taz tbh or another nn beginning with Taz.

baskingseals Thu 23-Oct-14 06:25:55

Ysolde Helena

Gustave Alexander

Very elegant names.

moxon Thu 23-Oct-14 08:29:19

You can also go with Yseult, FYI.
Gweltaz reminds me a bit of Balonz. grin
Like Adelaide. Beryl is fine nowadays, albeit a bit ahead of the curve maybe?

moxon Thu 23-Oct-14 08:30:16

Sorry, posted too soon. Meant to give a thumbs up for Gustave.

WowserBooooooooooooser Thu 23-Oct-14 11:13:28

Anouk is my favourite

TempsPerdu Thu 23-Oct-14 12:16:20

Anouk and Willa are both lovely. Think you'd still be sailing a bit close to the wind with Beryl tbh, but if you're up for it... (DM's middle name is Beryl and she LOATHES it).

Gustave is fab, and I also really like Isaac, although it's by no means as distinctive.

Anouk Helena
Willa Ann
Gustave/Isaac Alexander

BlueStarsAtNight Thu 23-Oct-14 12:24:43

I love Adelaide Martha or Maximillian Robert

RiverTam Thu 23-Oct-14 12:24:48

I know an Anouk, tbh I'm not that keen on it, it seems quite a severe name.

I like Adelaide and Isaac from your list.

BreeVDKamp Thu 23-Oct-14 14:33:13

I think Adelaide is gaining popularity if that bothers you - if my DC1 comes out as a girl in May she'll be Adelaide nn Ada - DH is a programmer so v fitting (Lovelace!) smile I loooove it.

Really like Anouk from you list, and Marielle - although not sure how to pronounce it? I like it written down. Is it Marry-elle or Marry-aaaaay or...? I'd only need to be told once so don't think it's an issue.

BreeVDKamp Thu 23-Oct-14 14:37:22

Boys- Gewaltz looks amazing!!! I'd say Ge-VELT-us?

Laquila Thu 23-Oct-14 14:40:33

Love Anouk, Isolde/Ysolde (I wouldn't spell it Essylt) and Willa, and Marielle is pretty. I wouldn't go for Beryl, personally. Do you like Sybill/Sybilla?

Also love Gustav/Gustave, Maximillian, Louis and Alexander (although I think the last three are very popular here in the UK). Piers is unavoidably aristo, but nice, and Isaac is lovely - gaining in popularity though.

I've never heard Gweltaz, but I quite like it. I would just pronounce it phonetically. Where's it from? I also love Gwillim.

DecaffTastesWeird Thu 23-Oct-14 16:33:35

Anouk Louisa and Isaac Alexander

squoosh Thu 23-Oct-14 17:22:40

Ysolde - love but prefer Isolde or Iseult
Anouk - like it
Beryl - Yes.......if you're expecting her to emerge from the womb with thick ankles, a tweed skirt and a penchant for brandishing a rolling pin.
Marielle - pretty
Adelaide - frumpy Victorian maiden aunt.
Willa - too penis-y

Gustave (nn Gus) - great, very imposing.
Alistair - dull
Isaac - quite religious, but love Ike as a nickname
Piers - posh and smarmy
Maximilian (nn Max) - ageing Russian lothario
Yves - too girly for a boy growing up in the UK, people would think he was called Eve.
Gweltaz - Ummmmmmm, how do I put this politely.........

Lunastarfish Thu 23-Oct-14 17:23:50

Gustav Yves
Anouk Marielle

Kundry Thu 23-Oct-14 17:35:21

Ysolde - love, would assume you like Wagner
Anouk - don't like it, loads of others will
Beryl - possibly ahead of it's time
Marielle - lovely
Adelaide - see Beryl
Willa - penis

Gustave - 19th century dandy
Alistair - OK
Isaac - OK
Piers - only if you are posh/sending him to private school
Maximilian - as for Piers
Yves - only if you are French
Gweltaz - brother of Balonz

rachel234 Thu 23-Oct-14 19:56:52

Ysolde and Gustav are gorgeous!

Ysolde and Isolede = both beautiful
Don't like any of the others at all though, sorry

Isaac is nice. Like Max too.

Love Helena and am v fond of Yvonne, Louisa, Martha, Eve too. Morris is nice too.

My vote would go to:

Ysolde Eve
Isaac Morris

TheHorseHasBolted Thu 23-Oct-14 21:47:28

Love Marielle, but I actually think it would go better with Anouk as a middle name than any of the others you're considering. How do you feel about Marielle Anouk? Marielle Anne-with-an-E maybe, but to me Anne-without-an-E doesn't go as well with the French feel of Marielle. I also like Adelaide - Adelaide Louise or Adelaide Ellen would be my pick.

Alistair Robert, though I'd like Robert Alistair even better.

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