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Name for the little Snowdrop!

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MrsJonSnow Mon 20-Oct-14 04:27:05

Regular here with a name change as I'm mentioning my real surname.

So we're having another little northern bastard (GOT reference wink) and we've just discovered she'll be a little girl! We had boys names all sewn up but we're floundering a bit with girl's names.

So we need something that goes with the surname Snow (no place names to avoid sounding like a weather report and anything that sounds yellow should be avoided. Summer is also out.)

We prefer classic names and names that aren't too flowery. I'm not big on most of the granny names that are so popular at the moment either. Something that can be taken seriously if she wants to become a surgeon or judge but not too harsh or heavy.

Names currently in consideration are:
I also love Charlotte, but am concerned that Charlie Snow sounds like Cocaine Cocaine. Could I avoid this by going for Lottie as a nn right from the start or is it just asking for trouble?

Suggestions and comments requested please!

CaulkheadUpNorth Mon 20-Oct-14 05:05:57

Was Rachel snow a character in Pollyanna?
How about:

CaulkheadUpNorth Mon 20-Oct-14 05:08:15


scaevola Mon 20-Oct-14 05:12:31

Lottie Snow does sound a bit like a blizzard! Or you could go the whole hog and call her Khione (a minor Greek goddess of snow)?

I think Elizabeth and Harriet are lovely.

Some others to consider: Georgina, Alexandra, Marianne, Eleanor, Tabitha?

MrsJonSnow Mon 20-Oct-14 05:39:46

OMG you're right! Lottie Snow is a blizzard! grin

moxon Mon 20-Oct-14 06:01:17

Harriet sounds perfect with Snow!

AryaOfHouseSnark Mon 20-Oct-14 06:08:33

I love Harriet or Felicity.

moxon Mon 20-Oct-14 06:19:38

OMG you're right! Lottie Snow is a blizzard!

A very small blizzard. Maybe in the Hebrides. 'Thar be just a lottie snow owtside, we kin still go fishin'. Contrast with 'Me, but thar be a lotta snow owtside; best go to the pub today!' grin

Hakluyt Mon 20-Oct-14 06:28:49

Elizabeth Snow is lovely- and all the abbreviations go well too.

Harriet Snow is fab too.

BarryGoosey Mon 20-Oct-14 09:11:06

Elizabeth Snow is fab! Sounds like the name of a literary heroine. Rachel Snow is also really nice.

moxon Mon 20-Oct-14 09:23:00

Barry I think it sounds like a heroine because it reminds you of Elizabeth Swann perhaps? Pirates of the Caribbean?

MrsJonSnow Mon 20-Oct-14 09:32:15

Haha - I love it! We could have a blizzard or a literary heroine!

It is one of those surnames that really seems to impact on some first names somehow. I regularly get told that my name sounds like a new character in Cluedo! DS1 gets told he sounds like a rockstar and DS2's name ends up sounding like a historical character or a character from Outlander.

Am I playing it too safe with the girl's names? Should I push the envelope a little?

I love Georgina, but there already is one in the family and I love Alexandra, but DS's middle name is Alexander and he got all huffy when it was mentioned.

Moxon Carlotta was one of the names we had a good laugh about as it sounded like an over excited snow-report…"We've had a car lot'a snow overnight!"

Other names I love but have had to pass on due to other family members getting first include Francesca and Sybilla (Billy).

Keep 'em coming ladies!

Alyx80 Mon 20-Oct-14 11:03:11


MrsJonSnow Mon 20-Oct-14 11:15:12

I love Matilda, but my niece is Tilly, so I think that might be a bit to similar unfortunately.

What do you think of Miranda?

meditrina Mon 20-Oct-14 11:20:09

Miranda is lovely!

I was going to suggest Galantha (as a feminised version of Galanthus Nivalis) but that's probably too flowery!

MrsJonSnow Mon 20-Oct-14 11:29:25

Galantha is a very unflowery sounding flower name, but I have to say I think it's stepping a little to far into the Game of Thrones territory! grin
If I ever write a fantasy novel though…!

Hakluyt Mon 20-Oct-14 12:01:58

Snow is certainly a heroine's last name. Like an amateur detective in an old fashioned novel.

Hakluyt Mon 20-Oct-14 12:02:58

grin and I wrote that before I read the Cluedo post!

baskingseals Mon 20-Oct-14 12:29:27

Love Harriet and Miranda.
What about







Only1scoop Mon 20-Oct-14 12:31:12

Charlie Snow....nooooblush

The other names are all beautiful....

Congratulations smile

Only1scoop Mon 20-Oct-14 12:32:24

Oh and....




Only1scoop Mon 20-Oct-14 12:32:55

Strike last one off Jo snow confused

Sorry Op I'm off ....

baskingseals Mon 20-Oct-14 12:33:44

Margot is also lovely, and elegant, while being a bit different.

MrsJonSnow Mon 20-Oct-14 12:38:17

I've always loved Josephine but the Jo Snow thing put me off. If we preempted the problem by calling her Josie, do you think we could avoid the issue or do you think it's inevitable?

MrsJonSnow Mon 20-Oct-14 12:38:59

Ooh and Margot is delish! Maggie for short?

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