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which middle name for Juliette?

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rosielea Sun 20-Jul-14 14:32:52

We're decided on Juliette for DD3, both DD1 and 2 only have one middle name so we'd prefer to keep to one middle name for DD3.
Both Mary and Alice are family names we'd be happy to use, which do you think flows better? Thanks!

PomPomPingPong Sun 20-Jul-14 14:46:47

Juliette Mary

Yorkshirelassreturns Sun 20-Jul-14 16:48:33

Love the name Juliette. I'd go for Juliette alice. Beautiful timeless and elegant. Congratulations x

busyDays Sun 20-Jul-14 16:51:00

I think both go well with Juliette. I have a very slight preference for Juliette Alice but could go either way depending on your surname.

Ohanarama Sun 20-Jul-14 16:54:08

Anne goes quite nicely and is not often used as a middle name nowadays.

Allalonenow Sun 20-Jul-14 16:54:30

I like Juliette Alice, what a lovely name. smile

rosielea Sun 20-Jul-14 17:27:42

Thanks all smile, last name is the same as the famous Joanna who was in Ab Fab!

Alita7 Sun 20-Jul-14 19:37:13

I think Juliette Alice is lovely.

Sophronia Sun 20-Jul-14 20:17:35

Juliette Mary

needsomenaminghelp Sun 20-Jul-14 20:22:30

I think it sort of depends on the surname, if it ends in an "ee" sound then maybe Alice but they're both very lovely middle names :-)

ralinax294 Sun 20-Jul-14 20:45:56

Both are nice but I prefer Juliette Alice smile

Mim78 Sun 20-Jul-14 22:28:01

I know a juliette francesca and a Juliet Lucia.

Gugglebum Mon 21-Jul-14 04:44:35

Juliette Alice.

mathanxiety Mon 21-Jul-14 05:07:35

Juliette Evaleen
Juliette Eleanor
Juliette Eve
Juliette Wihelmina
Juliette Alexandra
Juliette Rosemary
Juliette Annabel
Juliette Antonia

Thejocasta Mon 21-Jul-14 06:21:44

I've got a Juliette Rose - rose is a family name smile

catinbootz Mon 21-Jul-14 06:23:16


Gingerjv Mon 21-Jul-14 14:14:29


MissSmiley Mon 21-Jul-14 14:52:42

I like Alice but it depends on your surname. With an A in the middle you have to be careful if doesn't make a word.

LBOCS Mon 21-Jul-14 14:54:59

Mine has Grace as her middle name smile

I like Alice.

MrsLettuce Mon 21-Jul-14 14:59:39

Could you manage Maria for Mary? Juliette Maria

rosielea Mon 21-Jul-14 20:33:11

My DD2 is Marina so not sure if Maria might be a bit close, it does go very nicely though!

MrsLettuce Mon 21-Jul-14 22:36:37

I'd say that Marina and Maria mirror one another nicely, rather than being too close, IYSWIM. They'd surely be a bit much as together as siblings' first names but maybe rather lovely with the first name / middle name thing.

WanttogotoDisney Mon 21-Jul-14 22:44:38

Juliette Martine

DramaAlpaca Mon 21-Jul-14 23:33:17

Juliette Alice.

crazylady321 Mon 21-Jul-14 23:47:25

I prefer Juliette Alice, Also think Juliette Rose sounds beautiful though

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