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Joseph? For a girl? Really?

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lbsjob87 Sun 15-Jun-14 22:15:56

Just noticed a link on here to new baby names, and at the top for GIRLS was Joseph.
I've never met a girl called that ever and wondered how many people give their child such a gender-specific name?
I work in a large primary school and know girls called Bobbie and Sydney, but I think these are (or have become) more unisex.
But I think the mum in the Waltons was called Michael?
I'm not knocking anyone for their choice but I was just interested in how people arrive at those names and whether the child has embraced it as they've got older or changed it to something less noticeable?

Bellyrub1980 Sun 15-Jun-14 23:35:26

Maybe it has religious connotations?

For me it will only ever be a boys name. Josie is a nice female alternative

zoemaguire Sun 15-Jun-14 23:43:36

Are you sure?!! I've heard of Josefa, which I think is lovely, but Joseph for a girl seems v odd. Certainly never met or heard of one!

QuizzicalCat Sun 15-Jun-14 23:52:11

Someone I know named her dd Kelly-James - and that's what they call her. Apparently the Dad thought it was funny.


LauraChant Sun 15-Jun-14 23:58:23

Not Josephine?

dietcokeandcadburys Mon 16-Jun-14 00:05:44

My DD is Josephine but has always been shortened to Josie - never heard of Joseph for a girl! Although one of her teachers shortens her name to Joseph when she take the register and it really winds DD up, the teacher is from Western Asia so maybe it comes from there?

ravenAK Mon 16-Jun-14 00:39:21

I taught a lovely Josepha.

She did get greeted quite often with 'Here come the Josepha!', Ini Kamoze style...pretty name, though.

Never come across Joseph for a girl, although it's been v v popular for boys for years.

OutragedFromLeeds Mon 16-Jun-14 01:03:33

It must be a mistake, no way has there been a sudden surge in girls called Joseph.

WowserBowser Mon 16-Jun-14 01:05:43

Agree with Outraged

Lilimum2be Mon 16-Jun-14 01:23:56

My cousins name is Josefa pronounced hosefa... But Joseph for a girl is rather off! I've known girls named Frankie, Alfie, Terry, Bobby and Sam but Joseph is crossing the line :/

lbsjob87 Mon 16-Jun-14 06:26:38

It's here, look! Get me with my newly-found screen grabbing skills.

It must be a mistake I guess, can easily imagine a Josie or Josephine but never Joseph! Both the Josephs I know are 10 and definitely little boys!

lbsjob87 Mon 16-Jun-14 06:29:58

By the way, loving the Ini Kamoze reference, ravenAK. That song will be in my head ALL DAY now!

lbsjob87 Mon 16-Jun-14 06:32:14

Wait - I just noticed Suzi for a boy?! Either a technical error or there's a pair of newborn twins out there whose parents really like a laugh.....

Teadrinkerandatinker Mon 16-Jun-14 06:36:30

Roden sounds like rodent. there is been original and then there is going full ...... and having your DC's despise you

Teadrinkerandatinker Mon 16-Jun-14 06:37:49

Orla for a boy ??? justinemumsnet has some answering to do hmm

lbsjob87 Mon 16-Jun-14 06:53:15

And Lily. DEFINITELY not a boy's name. Although Digby is a brilliant name!

soontobeslendergirl Mon 16-Jun-14 12:07:19

Didn't Sting call one of his daughters Michael or Gabriel or something similar?

EhricLovesTheBhrothers Mon 16-Jun-14 14:55:27

Is this the thing that anyone can dd a name to? Probably someone messing about or made a mistake.

UnderEstherMate Mon 16-Jun-14 14:58:05

Suzi is also a boys name, according to that screen grab! (Unless my eyes are failing me.. again!)

bubblegun Mon 16-Jun-14 15:15:55

i like 'Annabel...'. Do they allow ellipsis on birth certificates?

GreatAuntDinah Mon 16-Jun-14 20:43:19

Marie-Joseph can be a girl's name FWIW.

thegreylady Mon 16-Jun-14 21:43:15

Michal (without an e ) and Peta are girls' names smile

CormoranStrike Mon 16-Jun-14 21:55:18

I do know of a female Bruce and a female Stewart.

CeliaBowen Mon 16-Jun-14 21:58:22

It's just a list of names you can add to. So they are the most recently added, not the most popular.

CeliaBowen Mon 16-Jun-14 22:00:48

Celia is now top of the list for boys... hmm <sorry MN!>

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