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Fiadh.. Crazy Irish spelling or not...

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Passthebiscuitsvicor Sun 15-Jun-14 17:06:27

Hi oh wise mums.

We're expecting our dc2 in a few months and I am convinced its another girl. Our first is called Fearne and I recently met a mum at hospital who's daughter was called Fiadh (fee-ah) I thought it was lovely and my sister would particularly like it as she's called Fiona.
So.. Is it nice or am I hormonal?! Also would you use the Irish spelling(we are Irish) or would you just go for Fia?
Any other suggestions (boys and girls)that would be nice with Fearne would be welcome too, no ie/y ending names as it wouldn't go with our surname
Thank you smile x

Maryz Sun 15-Jun-14 17:28:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

burgatroyd Sun 15-Jun-14 17:52:11

It seems to sound a lot like fear so i don't like it. How about Fionnuala, with Fia or Nuala, prn nula for short?

Passthebiscuitsvicor Sun 15-Jun-14 17:54:36

I never thought of it sounding like fear but I know what you mean.. Eeek.. Not keen on fionnuala, maybe we'll just do Fiona as a middle name. Back to the drawing board!

NoglenTilLykke Sun 15-Jun-14 18:02:01

Im irish and i say yes because otherwise it is a bit too like fea.

Also it's not that hard.

Reminds me of an fiadh rua . Pleaase make rua the middle namw!

NoglenTilLykke Sun 15-Jun-14 18:03:18

Fearne and fiadh is a bit matchy matchy though.

DramaAlpaca Sun 15-Jun-14 18:05:14

I know a little Fia Rose, which I think is very pretty.

It sounds lovely pronounced in an Irish accent, but with my English accent I have to work very hard for it not to come out as 'fear'.

I think Fia means 'deer' in Irish.

I have heard of the spelling Fiadh, but I don't know anyone with the name.

RAFWife12 Sun 15-Jun-14 18:09:37

I like the pronunciation, but as an English person I couldn't work out how to pronounce it based on the spelling! Once I got past that, I like it.
I do think Fearne and Fiadh is a bit matchy though.

Biscuitsneeded Sun 15-Jun-14 18:12:22

I think it looks prettier than it sounds. If it's pronounced, the poor kid is going to spend her life correcting people who think she's really called Thea but can't pronounce her 'Th's.

WaitingForMe Sun 15-Jun-14 18:22:28

I know a Fiadh. Irish parents and lives in Ireland. I love how they say her name but it's not as nice in an English accent IMO.

manicinsomniac Sun 15-Jun-14 18:29:09

I think it's pretty (especially in an Irish accent) - and I would use the Irish spelling. People will get use to it and it's a lot easier than some.

Other names you might like that I think could go with Fearne:

Arwen, Ayla, April, Astrid, Asia, Asha, Aisling, Ailsa, Alayna, Aphra, Belle, Bronwen, Belen, Ciara, Cerys, Clara, Camilla, Cecilia, Cecily, Claudia, Catriona, Caoimhe, Diana, Elina, Eliza, Ember, Erin, Esther, Fabia, Faith, Gisela, Gabriela, Georgina, Harper, Helena, Iona, India, Imogen, Joanna, Juliette, Karina, Karenza, Lucinda, Lyra, Livia, Miranda, Melissa, Marta, Nicole, Nadia, Ophelia, Peronelle, Paloma, Ria, Serena, Saskia, Saffron, Shannon, Skylar, Thea, Tamsin, Violet, Vanessa, Willa, Zia.

wigglesrock Sun 15-Jun-14 20:05:36

I have a Sofia, she gets Fia (Fee a) as a nickname.

OublietteBravo Sun 15-Jun-14 20:18:20

I quite like Thea, which sounds a bit similar. Would that be an option?

BikeRunSki Sun 15-Jun-14 20:20:39

I'm English with Irish ancestry/maiden name. I'm usually pretty good with Irush names, but that baffles me!

looki Sun 15-Jun-14 20:22:55

It sounds like you have a bit of a theme when you use the same initial letter IMO which I find offputting.

RingleaderOfTheTormentors Sun 15-Jun-14 20:35:10

I think it's a lovely name smile

TheMightyMing Sun 15-Jun-14 20:37:28

I know one- live round the corner and mum is Irish. I think it is beautiful and unusual. Not too way out.

florascotia Sun 15-Jun-14 20:42:47

How about Fianat (Fee-en-et, very approx - Irish Mumsnetters please correct a Scot), which also means 'wild creature' and/or 'little wild deer'.

lbsjob87 Sun 15-Jun-14 22:27:47

You say you are Irish, OP, but do you live in Ireland? If so, I say go for it, as the spelling will be less unusual, perhaps the same in Scotland because of the Gaelic link.
But if you are in England or Wales, it might be harder. I know a Rory, who was originally a Rhuairidh but after his parents (English mum, Irish dad) got asked one too many times how to pronounce it, they changed the spelling.

Passthebiscuitsvicor Sun 15-Jun-14 22:39:30

Thank you for all your opinions!!
Yes we live in Ireland, lots of random letters chucked on to the end of our names to make learning to read that whole lot funner.....
Manicinsomniac.. I really like a lot of your suggestions, esp Ria (ree a??) x

manicinsomniac Sun 15-Jun-14 22:54:29

Yes, 'ree-a' (it can also be spelt Rhea and Riya)

Pebbles0934 Mon 16-Jun-14 07:58:20

I like it. It sounds just like Thea?!! What's the problem? I know a Lia and Mia so I think you will be fine.

Fearne is lovely too.

LizzieMint Mon 16-Jun-14 08:03:01

Rheas are ostrich-like birds which are quite aggressive, so maybe reconsider that spelling.

mathanxiety Tue 17-Jun-14 07:01:54

Fiadh is lovely imo and wouldn't sound odd with Fearne.

badtime Wed 18-Jun-14 15:11:53

Lizzie, 'Rhea' was a name (of a Titan in Greek mythology) long before it was a bird!

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