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Just wanted to share the name we choose for dc2

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hartmel Sun 15-Jun-14 04:21:14

We have decided on a name for dc2 but would like to hear what you think about it..
Oh I should mention my and DH family is German so we choose a name that sounds good in German and in English..

We know it will be a girl and decided on Lara
If it would be a boy he will be named Oliver..

Our first child is a boy and we named him Samuel...

Fideliney Sun 15-Jun-14 04:36:39

Beautiful names smile

They both go well with Samuel too

HopOnMyChooChoo Sun 15-Jun-14 04:44:00

Lara is beautiful, timeless and underused. Love it.

Oliver is lovely too, although it is fairly run of the mill these days. I wanted to call my first baby Oliver, I remember it being very unusual back then but he's 21 now!

They both go well with Samuel.

If you want to make something of the German connection I also love Julius, Andreas and Henrick for boys.

buttercrumble Sun 15-Jun-14 04:46:05

Beautiful names smile

Trooperslane Sun 15-Jun-14 05:58:45

I have a Lara. grin

We loved it from the start but I get lovely comments when we're out and about too.

Kveta Sun 15-Jun-14 06:08:16

Oliver is an excellent name for boys of moixed European heritage grin we know several German/English, Czech/British, dutch/British Olivers! It is so nice that both sides of the family can pronounce it, and spell it! Although for some reason, it's the British side of our family who struggle the most...

Kveta Sun 15-Jun-14 06:08:58

Lara is lovely too!

BikeRunSki Sun 15-Jun-14 06:43:54


Ds is a Samuel and Lara was on the shortlist for dd.

burgatroyd Sun 15-Jun-14 06:48:59

Agree with Hops post.

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