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Rosalie when I've already got a Jacob

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We named our son Jacob as we liked the name even though twilight was pretty popular at the time. He's nearly 2 now & we haven't had anyone ask if he was named after the twilight character thankfully!

However I am now 23 weeks pregnant & thinking of Rosalie if its a girl. Would that be going a step too far? Its the only name DH have agreed with so far!

TheDetective Fri 13-Jun-14 21:57:52


I love both names.

I loved Twilight!

But definitely don't use the two names together!

Trills Fri 13-Jun-14 22:06:01

They weren't a couple, or even in the same family.

And it's not exactly guaranteed to become a classic.

FatherSpodoKomodo Fri 13-Jun-14 22:19:02

As I've never read or seen Twilight I had no idea there was a connection between the names. Both are lovely names though, I'd go for it.

Will many people make the connection?

nasara Fri 13-Jun-14 22:22:59

I've read the books and seen the films and I don't think it's too much. It's not like you're calling her Renesme! If it concerns you, how about Rosa? Gorgeous name.

Chocotrekkie Fri 13-Jun-14 22:25:18

I think Jacob is so popular it's not that strongly linked to twilight. I can think of quite a few Jacobs I know.

Rosalie i've only ever heard from twilight - with a Jacob as well I would think you are a massive fan and think it was a bit hmm to call both your kids names from it..

Devora Fri 13-Jun-14 22:28:37

Lovely names. I don't know Twilight so wouldn't make the connection.

LavenderCakes Fri 13-Jun-14 22:33:20

Both lovely names. Tbh I think Twilight will die a death - I teach teenagers and they haven't been reading it anywhere near as much lately. And it's never going to be a school text or anything that will give it proper legs. Go for it, I reckon!

Helpys Fri 13-Jun-14 22:37:28

They're lovely names and I don't think people will make the connection. Who remembers the names of the characters in 'Love Story' or 'Annie Hall'?

Helpys Fri 13-Jun-14 22:38:52

hmm well I guess we all know the name of one character in 'Annie Hall' blush

FatalCabbage Fri 13-Jun-14 22:39:44

I've read the books and seen the films, and wouldn't have made the connection. It's not like Edward and Bella, or Ron and Hermione, or similar.

Lovely names!

Shallan Fri 13-Jun-14 22:43:10

I've read the books, watched the films, and clicked on this thread because I couldn't work out why Jacob and rosalie together could possibly be a problem!

It wouldn't occur to me to even think of the books, so I really wouldn't worry about it.

Pebbles0934 Sat 14-Jun-14 07:53:15

I've read the books, watched the films.... Didn't make the connection either!

I'm sure you will be fine.

RAFWife12 Sat 14-Jun-14 10:39:32

Love Twilight, didn't make the connection when I read the title of your post! I clicked through to see what the problem was!
I doubt there are many that would make the connection. Both lovely names smile

chipsandpeas Sat 14-Jun-14 11:15:56

i have read the books and seen the films and i didnt make the connection

CruCru Sat 14-Jun-14 14:25:35

Would you consider Rosalind or Rosamund instead?

Alisvolatpropiis Sat 14-Jun-14 16:48:59

I meant the connection but I wouldn't think it would be odd.

Alisvolatpropiis Sat 14-Jun-14 16:49:16


Think the general consensus is go for it then! Only trouble is, Dh has told me he doesn't like the spelling & wants to spell it Rosalea which i don't likeangry

Alita7 Sat 14-Jun-14 18:13:53

I think twilight was a fad.
I wouldn't do personally as I've only ever hear rosalie in twilight but if you really love the name then do it. People might remember Jacob Edward and Bella in 5 years time but rosalie will be totally forgotten unless you've read the books recently.

I wouldn't bat an eye lid at Jacob and jasper or Jacob and Alice (other characters).

Alita7 Sat 14-Jun-14 18:18:22

other spellings, Rosalea, Rosaleigh, rosalee, rosaly. though I totally agree that rosalie would be the best spelling.

Rosa- Leigh or Lee might help get around the twilight thing?

KeeperOfBees Sat 14-Jun-14 18:20:57

I love Rosalie too. It's a popular traveller name.

restandpeace Sat 14-Jun-14 18:21:25

I really would'nt worry

BrianTheMole Sat 14-Jun-14 18:24:02

It reminds me of the cockney slang for cuppa tea. Nice name but I couldn't use it because of that.

NickiFury Sat 14-Jun-14 18:26:26

I was a HUGE Twilight fan but I didn't put that together.

I think it's fine.

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