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missingmargarita Fri 13-Jun-14 08:24:37

Love the name Anna, but concerned it may have become really popular with the release of Frozen and won't be able to see the spike on the charts until after baby is born!

Anyone seen a spike in babies called anna amongst babies born this year? Thanks!

missingmargarita Fri 13-Jun-14 08:25:44

Would also love alternative suggestions for similar names if anyone has them? grin

EverythingCounts Fri 13-Jun-14 08:32:36

Anna is so lovely I wouldn't let that put me off. Elsa is the name I keep hearing mentioned. I am one of the people who wasn't that bothered by Frozen, but that would be my perception of it.

Nocomet Fri 13-Jun-14 08:39:04

Anna is incredibly dull. It's the safest of safe names.

Anna in Frozen is the slightly dim one who plays second fiddle to the exciting Elsa, the writers obviously have the same reaction I do to it.

I know a set of twins that are Unusual Name and Anna.

Nocomet Fri 13-Jun-14 08:40:03

And Anna always sounds a footnote

wigglesrock Fri 13-Jun-14 09:26:06

I have a 3 year old one, she's the youngest of three girls. I like her name obviously smile , my other 2 daughters have very popular names - I'm a chronic underthinker with names, I just pick the one I love the most at the time - its worked smile

It is quite a popular name anyway where I live. I have a daughter with the ubiquitous O name & I know more Annas. I don't know any baby (under 15 months) ones, but I know a few Caras, Astrids, Jessica's.

Other names that I've used for my daughters or names I considered :


Stripytop Fri 13-Jun-14 09:30:16

I like Anna. Classy and timeless. Doesn't make me think of Frozen.

InspirationFailed Fri 13-Jun-14 09:32:29

It makes me think of Frozen but I thought it was Honor for ages! Which I now prefer to Anna - lovely name, was one of my favourites with Eleanor, Mary and Rose.

Chocotrekkie Fri 13-Jun-14 09:35:53

I think is so popular and has been for years that it isn't linked to frozen.
In the same way that George is so popular it isn't really linked to the royal baby in my head.

It's just unusual names that I think get linked - so elsa would be linked to frozen and something like hermione would be linked to Harry potter (where as Harry wouldn't be)

ashesandfire Fri 13-Jun-14 09:36:43

Anna is lovely. Simple, beautiful, classic.
It doesn't make me think of Frozen. I think it's a heard-enough name for the link to not be apparent. By contrast, a baby Elsa would make me think 'someone's been watching Frozen'.
Tbh I don't really understand the whole 'I'm not going to call my baby a popular name' thing. If you love the name, use it! smile

ashesandfire Fri 13-Jun-14 09:37:33

That being said, I haven't come across an Anna in yeeeaaars.

burgatroyd Fri 13-Jun-14 10:28:36

I don't know any baby annas. Love Annie too!

squoosh Fri 13-Jun-14 10:56:41

I think it's dull.

Stripytop Fri 13-Jun-14 11:03:53

Annie? No!

She'll have to listen to 'tamorrah tamorrah' and daddy warbucks quips for the rest of her life.

ch1134 Fri 13-Jun-14 11:04:11

I've always loved Anna. It's classic, beautiful, nice sounding and works across the globe. Didn't know about frozen though - how annoying!

HenI5 Fri 13-Jun-14 11:22:06

I don't know anything about Frozen, but I associate Anna with elegance and grace. I think the name Anna's beautiful and suitable for all kinds of personalities at a young age and later on in life.

Personally I wouldn't let criticisms such as dull, safe, boring or plain bother me at all as I think it's a classic choice to counteract all the 'try too hard' names that are out there.

bouquetofpencils Fri 13-Jun-14 12:30:05

I know an Ana and an Annie aged 1 and 2.

There are so many variants. I really like the sound of Hannah.

Nereida Fri 13-Jun-14 13:00:40

It's beautiful, timeless and classic. Love it! I also like the fact that it's so international.

Lucked Fri 13-Jun-14 13:06:12

Classic. I know one toddler, suits her.

Vintagejazz Fri 13-Jun-14 13:48:03

It's a nice name but very popular at the moment so it might have become a bit of a dull ordinary name by the time she's going to school.

Purplehonesty Fri 13-Jun-14 13:49:38

I really like it. Go for it

honeybeeridiculous Fri 13-Jun-14 15:19:36

I work in maternity, I've not come across any Anna's, only know one and she is in her 30's
I think it's a lovely name

Umbrellasandladders Fri 13-Jun-14 16:03:05


Wetthemogwai Fri 13-Jun-14 16:06:51

It's on my list for bump if she's a girl smile I love it (and dd loves frozen, but they're not related in my head. Like someone said, I thought it was honour for ages!)

MrsStarwars Fri 13-Jun-14 16:07:57

Lovely name, how about Anna-Maria?

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