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Jasmine...What do people think?

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niki1209 Fri 06-Jun-14 15:53:37

just wanted to get peoples thoughts on the name Jasmine, me and oh both like it but wasnt sure how popular it is? Another thing is the inlaws dog is called Jaz do you think this matters? Oh reckons not but dont know if im just looking into it too much? We both do like it though (about the only one we agree on) and thought it went quite well with our little boys name Logan.

Selks Fri 06-Jun-14 15:58:23

Yes, very nice name, not too widespread as far as I know. I wouldn't worry about the dog smile

usualsuspectt Fri 06-Jun-14 15:59:21

It's a lovely name.

I wouldn't worry about the dog thing.

burgatroyd Fri 06-Jun-14 16:03:06

I like it

Velvetbee Fri 06-Jun-14 16:04:00


Borderliner Fri 06-Jun-14 16:08:29

One of my dd1s best friends is Jasmine - always called Jaz or Jazzy now at age 14.

I think it's cool.

Sundaedelight Fri 06-Jun-14 19:07:07

Such a pretty name. Love it. Can almost smell it!

meditrina Fri 06-Jun-14 19:09:53

I think it's lovely.

(DH unfortunately didn't)

thatstoast Fri 06-Jun-14 19:13:53

It's in the top 50 so not unpopular. I like it.

EyelinerQueen Fri 06-Jun-14 19:14:43

It's not at all my usual style but I actually really like it.

Very pretty smile .

Viatrix Fri 06-Jun-14 21:15:14

I quite like it. I also like Jasmina and Yasmina.

Alisvolatpropiis Sat 07-Jun-14 00:52:40

It is lovely.

The dog being called Jaz won't necessarily be an issue, just ask people to call her Jasmine!

SelectAUserName Sat 07-Jun-14 04:12:35

Pretty name. I don't mean to sound callous (I'm a dog lover) but the dog won't be around forever...

SecretWitch Sat 07-Jun-14 05:18:40

Gorgeous name! Jasmine was on my short list, also love Yasmin and Yasmina.

Guin1 Sat 07-Jun-14 08:59:31

Love it. One of my favourites.

lljkk Sat 07-Jun-14 09:07:52

Very popular around here, probably rivals Isabel variants. Also have Yasmin & Jasmin.
It's okay. Like Emily or Amy to me.

tryingtocatchthewind Sat 07-Jun-14 09:09:11

Too Disney for me I'm afraid, sorry

BalloonSlayer Sat 07-Jun-14 09:18:51

It's a beautiful name. Quite popular round our way at the moment for teenagers but less so for babies.

Nocomet Sat 07-Jun-14 09:20:56

It's a slightly difficult name to carry. A young Jasmine needs to be pretty and a teen Jaz needs to be cool.

Agree dogs aren't a problem DSIS and relatives' DD shared a name when she was small, but no one worried and Ddalmation wasn't about by the time she was older.

Nocomet Sat 07-Jun-14 09:21:39


MrsBungle Sat 07-Jun-14 09:22:28

I think jasmine is lovely.

CaulkheadUpNorth Sat 07-Jun-14 09:24:04

Really pretty name. I know a 7yr old jasmine, and a few in their 20s. One has a nn of Minnie.

patienceisvirtuous Sat 07-Jun-14 09:26:14

I love it. My DN is Jasmine. She does get called Jaz sometimes.

It's not completely unique but I only know of one other...

MuttonCadet Sat 07-Jun-14 09:28:42

Love it, great name (and I'm not usually one for "nature" names).

LouisaJF Sat 07-Jun-14 09:30:53

We picked out Jasmine for a girl straight away. We just keep having boys so never had a chance to use it!

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