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Who else is struggling with boys' names?! Come and vent!

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nasara Wed 04-Jun-14 20:18:31

This seems to be a very common subject on this forum, so are you also finding boys' names bloody hard?!

Girls' names seem to be so much easier - I have two already and would happily name a third! But first boy and I'm clueless!

These names have made it on to the list but for one reason or another haven't made me feel like they're "The One", except Oscar which I think is just way too popular for me.


Anyway, rant away! I know I'm not alone...

singaporeswing Thu 12-Jun-14 07:40:54

As soon as I saw your DDs names, Dexter jumped into my head.

Cora, Eliza and Dexter has quite a nice flow, it's unusual and has a quirky nn.

princessdave Thu 12-Jun-14 08:38:33

fedupofrainydays my DH Robin is named after Robin Ellis, the Poldark actor! I always buy christmas cards with robins on though and he doesn't find it remotely amusing.... grin

fedupofrainydays Thu 12-Jun-14 20:10:18

Ha ha - I should do that too!!

neverenoughwine Thu 12-Jun-14 21:16:07


Or ??


nasara Thu 12-Jun-14 21:19:47

We have discussed Robin, and we quite like it, but I'm friends with a Robyn (female) so it feels a bit too unisex for me.

I do quite like the name Dexter, but as we're quite big fans of the tv show, it would be a bit weird to give our son the same name.

Thanks so much for the suggestions though - I really need all the suggestions I can get!

KateTheHuman Thu 12-Jun-14 21:22:07

I'm totally struggling with boys names! At the moment we have Dylan. That's it. Need to do so much more researching to do. I've said since I was a teenager that I wanted a girl called Lily so haven't ever thought about boys names. There's not many I like. Boys! Haha.

KateTheHuman Thu 12-Jun-14 21:23:11

*Need to do so much more research. I should have read that before posting haha

Provencalroseparadox Thu 12-Jun-14 21:31:26

OP I like all your boys' names except for Henry,Robert and Dominic

ImBrian Sun 15-Jun-14 22:36:22

I'm pregnant with my first boy after 4 girls. The only one of their names I slightly regret is because it's very popular and there were 4 in her class!

So far we both like Sebastian, I like Noah and Oscar as well but dp not so keen.

nasara Mon 16-Jun-14 20:05:34

ImBrian, I love Sebastian and Oscar - just beware that Oscar has surged in popularity I think it is in the top 10 for last year and possibly this year. Even so, in 2012 it was in the top 20, same with Noah I think.

I think we've finally decided on a name - Leon grin

Springing Mon 16-Jun-14 20:15:10

How about Lev? It's the Russian version of Leo, I love it but it was vetoed by my dh.

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