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Salazar Mon 12-May-14 23:46:15

Noel is favourite boys name. I've loved it since I was a teenager and I desperately want to use it. DP loves it too. We like it because it is simple, not too popular, and a little bit edgy.

Problem is our surname. Calling our future son Noel would give him the same name as a certain rock star.

Any ideas for anything similar that we might like?

CointreauVersial Tue 13-May-14 00:01:42

Liam? (someone had to say it) wink

Salazar Tue 13-May-14 00:06:10

Walked right into that one, didn't I?

Salazar Tue 13-May-14 02:05:21

Now thinking maybe Edgar?

mathanxiety Tue 13-May-14 03:56:44

If the surname is what I think it is, then I don't think Edgar [surname] flows very well. Too much of a certain letter.

I knew an Ivan of that surname?

EugenesAxe Tue 13-May-14 04:44:21

There's a Joel at church who's made me like the name. Very thoughtful boy and excellent reader despite his young age. Having said that, a name that rhymes with that of a famous pop star is even more tragic than sharing a name.

I've always loved Wilfred (Wilf for short). That's of the same quirky/vintage ilk as your other suggestions and works with your surname IMO. Perhaps also Edmund, James, Jonathan (Jon), Joseph (Joe), Rupert, Daniel (Dan). More conventional those ones but I like how they run.

BlueChampagne Tue 13-May-14 12:41:49


BlueChampagne Tue 13-May-14 12:46:51


Salazar Tue 13-May-14 13:32:55

Haha you are so right, Joel would be awful.

Am loving Conrad so far.

Salazar Tue 13-May-14 13:33:21

How is Jago pronounced?

mathanxiety Tue 13-May-14 15:12:39


mathanxiety Tue 13-May-14 15:17:29

But I would avoid the G.

Samuel (Sam)

burgatroyd Tue 13-May-14 15:34:41

Arlo, Reg, Marco, Adam

squoosh Tue 13-May-14 15:41:20

Wow, baby dodged a bullet!

Noel, edgy? To me it's on a par with Kevin in terms of edginess.

Anyway, Jago is a good suggestion! I also like Ivo and Bruno.

All the 'o's today.

PepperMallow Tue 13-May-14 16:02:21

I like the name Noel but agree that it doesn't work in this instance, nor does Joel. Conrad was our top choice had DD been DS so I love that. How about:


burgatroyd Tue 13-May-14 16:02:39

Agree with Squoosh. Noel is set to be no 1 in charts I think.

burgatroyd Tue 13-May-14 16:06:38

Edgy would be Fagin or Horatio or Ephraim

Theas18 Tue 13-May-14 16:06:56

Noel is a fine name. I know several dapper gents and a late teenager.

But..... not with your surname. THe pop star will still be around.

mathanxiety Tue 13-May-14 16:08:40

I love Gene and Frank.

squoosh Tue 13-May-14 16:22:02

You definitely can't call him Frank G......!

oopsadaisyme Tue 13-May-14 16:22:12

Frank!? Really? Not with the sidebottom film coming out....

Noel is great, but really makes me think of Christmas -

Gene, no -


(apologies, just picking xxx)

Felix is great, never heard that recently, (obvs apart from the cat!) but what a great boys name

oopsadaisyme Tue 13-May-14 16:23:19

squoosh hahaha!!!!

mathanxiety Tue 13-May-14 16:43:53

I suppose Frank has its drawbacks smile.

But I think it fits with Noel in terms of style of name, as does Gene/Eugene (which I think is fab, and goes really well with the surname).

Salazar Tue 13-May-14 18:05:37

I guess I think Noel is edgy because I associate it with Oasis, who I love. And I'm a Mancunian too, must be genetic. I like the idea of a rock star name, but not the exact same name!

Salazar Tue 13-May-14 18:06:09

I like Jarvis too, but I don't want it to sound like I'm mashing Cocker and Gallagher together.

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