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Pronunciation help please!

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Didanyoneordermeaplaincheese Mon 14-Apr-14 11:24:20

How would you pronounce Recs?

UriGeller Mon 14-Apr-14 11:27:53

You mean Rex?

Didanyoneordermeaplaincheese Mon 14-Apr-14 11:32:37

Is that what you'd instantly think it was Uri?

addictedtosugar Mon 14-Apr-14 11:35:31

Yep, Rex here too.

Are you thinking Rees as a pronunciation?

UriGeller Mon 14-Apr-14 11:37:43

Yes, Have you got another way to pronounce it?

Didanyoneordermeaplaincheese Mon 14-Apr-14 11:44:09

Maybe I won't say just yet incase I influence any replies!

Martorana Mon 14-Apr-14 11:49:29

Rex. But don't. Just........don't.

Bowlersarm Mon 14-Apr-14 11:50:18

Wrecks rather than Rex

Didanyoneordermeaplaincheese Mon 14-Apr-14 11:56:42

Martorana - no to Recs or no to Rex? ...or both?! Lol!

Martorana Mon 14-Apr-14 11:57:40

Rex is fine. If a little on the Fido continuum. Recs is just silly.

fideline Mon 14-Apr-14 12:00:13

Makes me think Recs as in recreation grounds.

Would have to be pronounced as Rex/wrecks anyhow.

Curious now whether you're attempting an avant garde spelling of Rhys/Reece.

Or is this someone elses child?

RiverTam Mon 14-Apr-14 12:03:06


Recs is short for recreation grounds.

CadleCrap Mon 14-Apr-14 12:05:10

I would say Rex.

At a REAL push I could manage Reeks

squoosh Mon 14-Apr-14 12:11:18


Recs doesn't look like a real name, it looks like an abbreviation for 'recommendations' or 'recreation'.

ThinkIveBeenHacked Mon 14-Apr-14 12:16:00

Recs isnt a real name, surely? id think you had mis spelled Rex.

Rex, btw, is a marvellous name.

Beanymonster Mon 14-Apr-14 12:19:27

I'd have thought there was a typo for Rex, tbh.

florascotia Mon 14-Apr-14 12:27:37

However you pronounce it, in English, its in the plural form. One Rec, two Recs, three Recs... etc. I'm not sure why anyone would want to give a single child a plural name.

Also, the term RECS is in very common use in the energy industry and among environmental businesses/campaigns. It stands for for Renewable Egergy Certificates. There is even an interntional RECS organisation energy price concerns/global warming worries/environmental education etc, a child with that name might feel a little strange.

UriGeller Mon 14-Apr-14 15:23:28

If it IS another way to spell 'Rex' you could really let yourself go and spell it

Morgause Mon 14-Apr-14 15:24:55

For god's sake don't give your child a spelling mistake for a name - he will be teased.

NigellasDealer Mon 14-Apr-14 15:25:43

Recs? is he a cousin of Dai Brainbocs?

bouncingbelle Mon 14-Apr-14 15:30:49


Or, at a push, reh-see-s?

ouryve Mon 14-Apr-14 15:33:44

If you're having to ask for your own child, then everyone else who encounters the child is going to have the same difficulty, so just don't.

Leggingsandtrainersnonono Mon 14-Apr-14 15:42:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NigellasDealer Mon 14-Apr-14 15:43:41

it would only work in country with a language that has no X - so that would be Wales or Poland AFAIK, correct me if I am wrong!

Yangsun Mon 14-Apr-14 15:43:54

Perhaps Wretch? Not what I would read at first glance but probably my second guess if it's not Rex, nor a great name for a child though!!

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