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a sibling for India

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stonygreysoil Mon 14-Apr-14 05:22:29

Hi all, trying to do a bit of [hopefully anonymous] sensechecking!

So DD1 is India, and sibling due pretty soon. Current choices for a girl are Freya or Marianne; if a boy Ferdia or Redmond [irish names]

Is Freya too popular? Is Marianne too dull? Is Ferdia too similar to India / too girly? Is Redmond too surname-ey? Thoughts and suggestions welcomed!

CaptWingoBings Mon 14-Apr-14 07:24:29

I have to say I would read Ferdia as a girls name, probably because it looks like a version of Ferdinand. I've never heard it before.

I love Marianne though, Freya is nice but Marianne is nicer!

CaptWingoBings Mon 14-Apr-14 07:25:09

The only small India I know has a sister called Tamsin.

SunnyRandall Mon 14-Apr-14 07:27:19

Freya is very popular - I know five.

India and Marianne is lovely. Not to girly but still feminine.

Redmond is a fab name.

SunnyRandall Mon 14-Apr-14 07:27:38


Trazzletoes Mon 14-Apr-14 07:29:06

I have a relative called Marianne. I think it's a beautiful name that suits through your whole life.

Lookingforfocus Mon 14-Apr-14 07:30:55

Redmond is great.

Marianne doesn't work for me with India, sorry.

Freya is nice - although maybe overused.

By picking India as your first born's name it does set an expectation that their siblings will not have run of the mill names.

Orangeisthenewbanana Mon 14-Apr-14 07:33:55

Marianne is lovely (as is Freya but much more popular).

Sorry, not keen on either of your boys names - Ferdia is quite feminine and Redmond just sounds like someone's surname, which I know his a bit of a trend atm but some names just appear to work better than others!

Lookingforfocus Mon 14-Apr-14 07:52:44

Some "surname" names have been in existence long before the more recent fashion. Redmond is just a great sounding name and I imagine has a longer history.

Orangeisthenewbanana Mon 14-Apr-14 07:53:44

Marianne is lovely (as is Freya but much more popular).

Sorry, not keen on either of your boys names - Ferdia is quite feminine and Redmond just sounds like someone's surname, which I know his a bit of a trend atm but some names just appear to work better than others!

Orangeisthenewbanana Mon 14-Apr-14 07:54:23

Sorry for double post. Stupid phone!

DoItTooJulia Mon 14-Apr-14 07:56:16

Redmond. Would it be shortened to Red? Or not?

Freya, lovely though it is, is a bit meh, co,pared to India. What about Freda?

stonygreysoil Mon 14-Apr-14 10:01:04

Thanks all. yes lookinforfocus have put ourselves under a bit of pressure to avoid the second child's name seeming a bit dull by comparison!

Thats the main issue with Marianne, which we otherwise really like and has family connections. Certainly no danger of it becoming too fashionable anytime soon unlike Freya, which we otherwise love.... unfortunately the other Fr names don't seem to work for us..

Any other girl names that come to mind?

As I feared Ferdia may not work so well outside an Irish context... Pity ... Supposing we stuck a �d� at the end and made it Ferdiad [thats not just random, its an alternate spelling!] how about that?

Redmond is actually around in Ireland for a very long time - Redmond Barry from Barry Lyndon etc. We think we like the idea of Red as a nn, DoItTooJulia, but there�s always Mundy..

A couple of other boy name options we've been considering are Hugh [barely a syllable!] Hugo [probably fits well, but might give a strong and incorrectly posh aura about the whole enterprise!] or Theo.. whaty do you think? Generally going for Irish boy names that work on the road�any ideas of other names that might gel well?

Bowlersarm Mon 14-Apr-14 10:09:09

Red is a really cool short name.

Ferdinand to get nn Ferdia?

Freya is nice.

Marina nn Marnie?

TheNightIsDark Mon 14-Apr-14 10:10:56

Love Marianne and Redmond.

Eastpoint Mon 14-Apr-14 10:12:59

Blythe for a girl?

Is there a more Irish version of Tom/Thomas? I think India & Tom work well. I think of India as being fairly posh (India Jane Birley).

magentasurprise Mon 14-Apr-14 10:19:12

Freya is pretty but popular.
Marianne is lovely but seems a different style to India.

Names I could see with India:
Romilly/ Romy

Not keen on the boy's names tbh.

Megrim Mon 14-Apr-14 10:24:22

Phelim / Feilim

I like Marianne, also Naomi, and I like Saoirse and Teagan for Irish girls names.

Lookingforfocus Mon 14-Apr-14 10:47:45

Naomi is lovely - classic but not overused similar to India.

Ilovemydogandmydoglovesme Mon 14-Apr-14 10:53:46

For some reason Astra sprang to mind. Don't know why, it just sounds really nice with India.

squoosh Mon 14-Apr-14 10:59:45

Ferdia is my favourite Irish boy's name. I command you to use it.

<stern stare>

hashtagwhatever Mon 14-Apr-14 11:03:54

Fallon is a nice girls name I think would sound nice with India.

toastedteacake Mon 14-Apr-14 11:17:52

At Christmas my PIL receive a round robin from old school friends.

We are always excited to hear what their twin grand-daughters India and Tia have been doing all year.

(The PIL's friends worked for a large tea company and spent many years abroad on tea plantations.)

toastedteacake Mon 14-Apr-14 11:22:28

Sorry should have qualified that with;

I love the name India, here's a funny anecdote...

toastedteacake Mon 14-Apr-14 11:22:58

Also love Marianne.

Have you considered Miriam or Mariam?

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