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Twins (but not finding out the sex so need options)

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Wiggy29 Sat 05-Apr-14 09:08:39

We already have a Benjamin (gets Ben) and Finley (gets Finn).

We really struggled with naming our youngest (Finn) and did it on the last day of the six weeks we could! Finn was our compromise name as dh loved James and I wanted Evan.

We both like traditional names though I would like something that's not too common.

It's boys names in particular we struggle with and we may need two more! To complicate things, I have a really big family and don't want to duplicate names and many of ones we like are taken (Joseph, Sam, Daniel, Thomas etc).

Any ideas? Dh is reluctant to discuss it as he is still miffed that ds2 isn't James! I on the other hand think we need to have some ideas we agree on BEFORE they're born to avoid calling the children 'baby' again for six weeks!

BikeRunSki Sat 05-Apr-14 09:09:40

Evan and James then?

WhatsTheWordHummingbird Sat 05-Apr-14 09:11:00

Seth and Connor

singaporeswing Sat 05-Apr-14 09:26:30

Joseph and Dominic
Evan and Zachary
James and Joshua
Nathaniel and Theodore
Noah and William

Wiggy29 Sat 05-Apr-14 09:31:21

I really don't like Jamie (which is a risk with James) and dh doesn't like Evan!

Like the following, going to start making a list so I have a whole host to present to dh: Seth, Nathaniel, Theo and Noah. Thanks.

Seminyak Sat 05-Apr-14 09:32:06

Why not Evan and James?

Seminyak Sat 05-Apr-14 09:32:19

Ah sorry xp!

peppinagiro Sat 05-Apr-14 09:34:18

If it sets your mind at rest, I know several Jameses, and none of them have been shortened to Jamie. In fact, the only Jamie I know was actually called that as his full name. So I don't think it's automatic.

LouSend Sat 05-Apr-14 10:00:52







ChickenMe Sat 05-Apr-14 10:28:50

My brother is a James and has never been a Jamie. He's been Jamesy and Jimbo but if you don't like a nickname it's not going to stick. Jamie is pretty much an independent name now so I don't think people would assume

bouquetofpencils Sat 05-Apr-14 10:29:38

I know a James who is only James. He is 11 and has never had Jamie and if someone used it he wouldn't recognise it as it's not his name. I know a Jamie who birth certificate is Jamie and that is his name.

What about Ewan? James and Ewan.

pencilsharpener Sat 05-Apr-14 23:04:05

If you don't like James, how about Jago or Jacob?

If your DH doesn't like Evan, would he go for Owen, Euan, Ethan or Ivo?

IsabellaRockerfeller Sat 05-Apr-14 23:12:11

I had Seth, Evan and Noah on my list plus these ones which you might like:


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