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How many Sebastians do you know?

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nasara Fri 04-Apr-14 14:21:06

Sebastian is one of my favourite boys names but I'm a bit concerned that it's become quite trendy/popular recently and will be one of those names with two/three plus at school.

How many baby/toddler Sebastians do you know?

Orangeisthenewbanana Tue 08-Apr-14 09:06:15

I know one with Sebastian as a middle name but haven't come across any others.

HoneyandRum Tue 08-Apr-14 07:37:44

I know one who is 10 but also hear the name out and about quite a lot, but I'm in Germany!

ChippyMinton Tue 08-Apr-14 06:08:57

I know two - one is 11 and one is 12.

BobaFetaCheese Tue 08-Apr-14 04:54:05

5; 4 under 3. And one old man.

Gorgeous name (great nn in seb, sebby, bastian, urm seabass)!

MannishBoy Mon 07-Apr-14 14:55:15

DW's ex called his penis Sebastian...

mandbaby Mon 07-Apr-14 14:54:39

We considered it for our DS2 and are now considering it as a middle name for DC3 if it's a boy.

I know one other - he's about 7 or 8. My sister teaches another who's about 15.

It's not overly popular, I don't think. At a guess I'd say it probably featured somewhere in the top 50 most popular names, but if you like it, go for it!

Gullygirl Mon 07-Apr-14 10:56:41

It's very popular here,I know 4 at my son's small school.
My nephew, age 6 is also a Sebastian.

Jellybean1234 Sun 06-Apr-14 20:53:48

Of the 5 boy baby's born in our NCT group last year 3 of them (!) were called Sebastian!

BikeRunSki Sat 05-Apr-14 00:06:48

5, 43

I know lots of 2ish year olds, no Sebastians amongst them.

Anjou Sat 05-Apr-14 00:04:51

Lovely name! I'm in east Scotland and know one in his 40's (South Coast of England), 4 in their 30's (France & Poland), one who is 3 (Scotland). It may be popular at the moment in some areas but not here! it's a classic. smile

Only1scoop Fri 04-Apr-14 22:16:29

Dp brother who is 53

2 at nursery.

sunny2014 Fri 04-Apr-14 22:14:20

only one two if you count my dog :-)

CleverOl10 Fri 04-Apr-14 22:13:58

2 - one aged 12 and one aged 2. I teach at an all boys school and still can only think of the one 12 year old and no others. May be more at a primary though.

Wendydog Fri 04-Apr-14 22:13:08

I know 3, although one is 35. The other two are 2 and 5 months.

Petal7 Fri 04-Apr-14 22:11:15

I know 2 who are under 5

NoArmaniNoPunani Fri 04-Apr-14 22:09:23

One, he's cute but his parents are bellends and have put me off the name

One, aged 8.

Meglet Fri 04-Apr-14 22:08:01

Three. I like it.

TheSydenhamSet Fri 04-Apr-14 22:02:16

SE London and I know one - a 1 yr old

TheHamster Fri 04-Apr-14 21:49:58

Zero. I know a Tian though.

TessOfTheBaublevilles Fri 04-Apr-14 21:42:54

Before we moved to the States, there were four in my 7-year old son's year at his old school (a small pre-prep), out of only 50 pupils. There were several other boys named Sebastian in other years.

There were also quite a few in the senior school that my 14-year old son was attending before the move.

Personally though, I know three; my nephew (3), my friend's son (5) and my BIL (29).

It's worth remembering though, that names can "trend" by area, and where we lived and where my sons went to school, Sebastian was very much "in fashion". In other areas, that won' be the case, so try to find out how popular the name is in your area, if it concerns you.

MiaowTheCat Fri 04-Apr-14 18:55:55

One who'd be about 15 now. Was a name I had on the short list if one of the DDs had been a boy.

Gowaygoway Fri 04-Apr-14 17:43:54

2- one Sebby (3) and one Basty (about 10)

Tranquilitybaby Fri 04-Apr-14 17:41:04

Only one.

Surf25 Fri 04-Apr-14 17:37:32

One aged 2 and one in mid-30s
I love it

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