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I would appreciate your thoughts....

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molly84 Sat 29-Mar-14 23:32:11

Hi there,

What are your thoughts on our list of names? (They are in order of my preference.)

Girls - Lillian (Lil/Lils), Charlotte (Lottie), Elizabeth (Lizzy), Verity, Celia
Boys - Henry, Oliver, Benedict, Edward, Alec

Please be honest and let me know any negatives about them.



janey1234 Sat 29-Mar-14 23:34:58

All lovely apart from Alec - I think you gave excellent taste!

phoolani Sat 29-Mar-14 23:37:15

Like Verity and Henry a lot. Also like Lillian (but not shortened) and celia. Not keen on the others.

Allalonenow Sat 29-Mar-14 23:38:29

All lovely names, I especially like Verity and Benedict.

Love Verity and like Elizabeth and Charlotte.
Love Oliver, Edward and Benedict.

Nojustalurker Sat 29-Mar-14 23:39:57

Agree. All lovely expect Alec. I do like ale though.

Middleagedmotheroftwo Sat 29-Mar-14 23:40:46

Lil makes me think of Lilo Lil. But like all the others.

DramaAlpaca Sat 29-Mar-14 23:41:08

All good classic names that won't date.

The only two I don't really like from your lists are Celia & Alec.

molly84 Sat 29-Mar-14 23:47:48

Thanks everyone, I was unsure about Alec too tbh - it's off the list now.

BlueStarsAtNight Sun 30-Mar-14 09:52:21

If you don't like Lily I'd avoid Lilian (assuming you don't as you said you'd shorten to Lil). I like Lilian best of your girls though. Also quite like Celia.

Henry and Edward are my favourite of your boys.

FloatingHandle Sun 30-Mar-14 11:09:04

All lovely but favourites are:
Verity, Celia
Henry, Oliver, Edward

Bowlersarm Sun 30-Mar-14 11:11:36

I like them all but the now dismissed Alec, Alex is so much nicer.

And I don't like Verity, not quite sure why.

The others are lovely. Prefer Libby to Lizzy, but don't dislike Lizzy.

Alisvolatpropiis Sun 30-Mar-14 11:22:25

I like them all except Lillian and Alec.

Particularly like Verity and Edward.

fideline Sun 30-Mar-14 11:26:33

Love Lillian, Lottie and Alec especially

legoplayingmumsunite Sun 30-Mar-14 11:29:51

Nothing wrong with Alec, it's a standard Scottish short form of Alexander (which is obviously the MN approved version for the birth certificate). The other boys names are all very English Royalist to me.

molly84 Mon 31-Mar-14 08:37:28

Oooo, liking Libby, thanks Bowlersarm

Thewhingingdefective Mon 31-Mar-14 10:09:04

All fine names and some rather charming. Not all of them set the world on fire for me, personally, but there is certainly nothing wrong with any of them.

Thewhingingdefective Mon 31-Mar-14 10:10:08

I actually really like Alec.

Sharaluck Mon 31-Mar-14 10:39:21


And Benedict (if you're planning on calling him Ben)

TheVictorian Mon 31-Mar-14 11:14:48

Elizabeth & Henry

DiamondsAndRust Mon 31-Mar-14 17:44:37

I like them all except Charlotte (not sure why but have always disliked this, and have an irrational hatred for Lottie), Alec and Oliver (too popular for me). Not keen on NN Lizzy for Elizabeth - there are so many much prettier options IMO. Prefer spelling Lilian to Lillian as I find it less fussy.

Top choice for me would be Verity for a girl (possibly with Elizabeth, Celia or Lilian as MN - any of them would work) Would find it hard to choose between Henry, Edward and Benedict as they're all lovely!

Vijac Mon 31-Mar-14 18:23:26

All decent names. My favourites would be Charlotte, Elizabeth, Henry and Oliver.

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