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Help us choose a boys name from these....

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lilylily9 Fri 28-Mar-14 09:38:12



shoobidoo Fri 28-Mar-14 09:43:31

Sidney and Austin are lovely!

Rudi is too rude wink.

notadoctor Fri 28-Mar-14 09:44:40

I really like your list - especially Sidney and Frank.

CheesyBadger Fri 28-Mar-14 09:46:01

Frank I love!
Austin second

HazleNutt Fri 28-Mar-14 09:47:46


mum2jakie Fri 28-Mar-14 09:49:43

Sidney gets my vote from your list

UriGeller Fri 28-Mar-14 09:49:46

Rufus with nickname Rudi. Otherwise it'll just be assumed he's a Rudolph.
Then I like Arthur.

None of the others though.

AddUpToNothing Fri 28-Mar-14 10:01:20

I like Sidney and Austin. Frank, I just think Frank Butcher!

Though I do like Rudi. But he'd always be nudey Rudi to me grin

monim1 Fri 28-Mar-14 10:17:47

I think you should go with Frank.

RabbitPies Fri 28-Mar-14 10:32:45

Frank is hideous. I can't imagine calling a lovely newborn 'Frank'.

Rudi is very nice

Sidney is awful.

Arthur is better than Frank and Sidney.

Austin is ok.

Errol's is really bad.

Nataleejah Fri 28-Mar-14 11:43:40


Kantha Fri 28-Mar-14 12:52:39

Austin or Arthur

HectorVector Fri 28-Mar-14 12:57:55

Arthur or Austin.

Definitely not Frank or Errol.

elmwoo Fri 28-Mar-14 12:59:19

I love Frank !

fideline Fri 28-Mar-14 13:05:05

Errol!! Great swashbuckling name.

Emubaby Fri 28-Mar-14 16:01:19

Frank.. Ok
Rudi.. Awful
Sidney.. Like
Arthur.. Love
Austin.. Love
Errol.. Awful

mrssmith79 Fri 28-Mar-14 16:05:45

Frank, Arthur, Sidney, in that order of preference. Not fussed on the others - especially Austin.

sleepingbeautiful Fri 28-Mar-14 18:16:17

Really like Austin and Frank - I know a toddler Frank, and was a bit hmm when he was born, but now I think it's great on him.
Arthur is ok.
Sidney, Errol, Rudi = no

hunreeeal Fri 28-Mar-14 19:22:12

I like Sidney and Austin.

picnicbasketcase Fri 28-Mar-14 19:22:49

Arthur and Sidney are my favourites from your list.

Hooleywhipper Fri 28-Mar-14 19:24:02

Arthur for me

HopelessDei Sat 29-Mar-14 04:04:54

I like Arthur - be ready for him to get Arfur for several years though. Children find "th" tricky.

The other names are not my taste.

RalphRecklessCardew Sat 29-Mar-14 04:26:39

Frank is great.

Sidney & Arthur also good.

JustDanni Sat 29-Mar-14 08:07:09

I love Rudi.. I would have it myself if it wasn't the name of a friends little brother.

Rexandralpf Sat 29-Mar-14 15:47:48

Sid and frank. Names I'm not allowed sadly.

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