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SimplySara Thu 20-Mar-14 10:35:28

3 weeks to go until dc3 is born and still haven't started the serious name discussion with my partner yet. Eeks! I need to whittle my list down instead of letting it explode as I have these last few months. There are just so many great names out there, I feel pretty sad about having to close off the possibilities sad
I would appreciate some feedback from like-minded mumsnetters about some possible names. I know the kind of names I like aren't exactly everyones cuppa brew, so if you feel strongly about all of them in the negative, I would appreciate you holding your tongue on this one. However, do want honest feedback from those of you who can see some relevance in more non-top 100 names. Im breaking my list (because it is so long!) Into broader themes so may post a few times.

So to start with I've seem to got alot of A's on my list especially when it comes to girls names.

Atbeckandcall Thu 20-Mar-14 10:37:49

I like Anais, Alva makes me think of vulva (I'm not being negative, just thinking of you dc and how cruel other kids can be). But I like where you're going with you names.

SimplySara Thu 20-Mar-14 10:52:46

Thanks Atbeckandcall. I do want honesty not snottieness, if you know what I mean.
I hadnt thought of that connontation. It is funny though that i've read comments on Anais in other places saying it is too close to anus in pronunciation.
Tbh though I'm of the opinion that if children want to be cruel, they don't need a name to make fun of to do so. They will be cruel on other fronts if that is the case and not choosing a name becuase of teasing possibilities is kind of pointless (of course to a degree - I wouldnt call my child Harry if my last name was Balls, if you know what I mean)

littlepeas Thu 20-Mar-14 10:57:53

I adore agatha! It just feels really weighty and classic with an edge. I like the others too, but think agatha stands out.

Atbeckandcall Thu 20-Mar-14 11:01:28

Hadn't thought about that with Anais, I must pronounce incorrectly (I say An-eh).
I didn't see Agatha, must have missed it, but I LOVE it!

alita7 Thu 20-Mar-14 11:01:31

I like Astrid and alva I also really like alba as an alternative.

UriGeller Thu 20-Mar-14 11:02:03

Anais is pretty when its pronounced properly but she'll have to get used to being called "Anaaay".

Anouk is lovely

Agatha is a brilliantly cool name and I'd love it on someone else's baby but I couldn't do it myself.

Antonia. No.

Astrid. Yes!

Alva...and the Chipmunks

DiamondsAndRust Thu 20-Mar-14 12:34:05

Really like Anouk and Astrid. Not a fan of Alva - Alba's quite cute though. Antonia is OK, although the ones I've met have always ended up being called Toni. Anais looks gorgeous written down, but I definitely think you'd get pronunciation issues - Anaay? An-EYE-is? An-eye-EES? Hadn't thought of the anus issue though!

I'm with Urigeller on Agatha - cool on someone else's child but would never dare do there myself.

FrankUnderwood Thu 20-Mar-14 12:34:23

Agatha by a mile. Lovely!

Anjou Fri 21-Mar-14 04:22:29

Astrid is lovely. Agatha I ADORE! Anaïs is very pretty. Another name being added to your list probably isn't what you're looking for, but have you considered Anya?

adaloveslace Fri 21-Mar-14 06:11:17

Anouk and Astrid! Love both of these and would happily use either for soon-to-be DD, except they've both been used already by friends/family.

You have great taste, Sara

Anjou Fri 21-Mar-14 07:59:19

Hmmmm. Although a possibly strike against Anais is that if you try to write it on a forum using the umlaut over the letter 'i', it doesn't work. wink

Oriunda Fri 21-Mar-14 08:12:14

Anaïs - like but some people may not know how to pronounce correctly. Will you use the umlaut?
Anouk - very nice
Agatha - like
Antonia - ok
Astrid - ok
Alva - don't like

TheseAreTheJokesFolks Fri 21-Mar-14 08:16:51


BlueStarsAtNight Fri 21-Mar-14 11:17:03

I like Antonia, Agatha and Astrid. I think maybe Astrid best, though I can't see a nn other than As which would put me off slightly.

Not so keen on the others.

BikeRunSki Fri 21-Mar-14 11:21:19

i rather like them all, apart from Antonia, but that is partially through personal experience of an Antonia, and aversion to the nn "Toni".

I love Astrid!

FloatingHandle Sat 22-Mar-14 12:51:47

Agatha or Astrid

hubbahubster Sun 23-Mar-14 13:53:10

I've met a lot of little Astrids recently, which has put me off the name... Agatha's fabulous, not so keen on your other choices.

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