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Parmenides Tue 18-Mar-14 20:18:08

I have suddenly decided that I love this name above all others and frankly don't care what DP thinks on the matter.

The only weensy hitch is I'm not sure about the assonance that exists when it's used with my surname: Enid Stephens.


You can tell me your thoughts on Enid too, if you like. Though I shan't listen to you unless you are wholly positive about it, obviously. wink

NeverQuiteSure Wed 19-Mar-14 19:50:12

I absolutely love the name Enid. It sounds perfectly fine with your surname. Lovely strong name, go for it!

Parmenides Wed 19-Mar-14 19:51:29

That's quite the best poem I have ever read, Bluestocking.

Parmenides Wed 19-Mar-14 19:52:05

Hey, what's wrong with Agnes?!

Parmenides Wed 19-Mar-14 19:55:58

Someone upthread suggested Gloria, which was on an early longlist. I do like it. But the prospect of it being abbreviated to 'Glore' upset me.

Bluestocking Wed 19-Mar-14 19:56:15

Why thank you, Parmenides! smile

Parmenides Wed 19-Mar-14 20:03:20

GoWestCountry, boys names are harder, aren't they?

On our shortlist were:

But didn't love any of them...

Ohhelpohnoitsa Wed 19-Mar-14 20:04:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Parmenides Wed 19-Mar-14 20:09:19

I had a recent obsession with this song by Ingrid Michaelson which led to a brief flirtation with the name, Ohhelpohnoitsa.

But - alas - it's not for her.

redrubyindigo Wed 19-Mar-14 20:10:55

A bad poem.

What is wrong with Enid, Freda, Margot, Arthur?
Or Alf the name of my dear Grandfather?
Ethel, Mabel, Edna, Bill
Cecil, Albert or even Gill?
Tracey, Jane, Sharon or Wayne
Dean or Duane or even Shane?
Holly, Molly, Millie, Mandy or come to that even Sandy
The answer I think is always the same
Will your child like their name?

dreamofwhitehorses Wed 19-Mar-14 20:23:54

Blanche? Mumsnet needs a baby Blanche.

Parmenides Wed 19-Mar-14 20:24:55

Here is my poem, based on my own true life experiences, redrubyindigo grin

It's called: 'My Parents Named Me Laetitia'.

They wanted me to be classy
But alas, I defied their wish
Since late June 1973
I have always been known as Tish

You make what you want of your name, I reckon. There are few very truly absolutely terrible ones that can't be improved with a bit of creative nicknamery, in my view.

Parmenides Wed 19-Mar-14 20:27:20

I have a friend called Blanche! She's French and very stern.

BrunoBrookesDinedAlone Wed 19-Mar-14 20:37:30

It's a pity Marlo seems a bit made up because Marlo Stephens is great.

Enid Stephens just doesn't work.

BrunoBrookesDinedAlone Wed 19-Mar-14 20:40:31

Blanche, Blythe and Brima are great.

You cannot have Esther or Hester Stephens. How many 'stuhs' can a name have? Though I don't like Enid, still makes me think Sharples, I'm afraid. How about Millicent or Getrude?

Sorcha1966 Wed 19-Mar-14 21:22:36

Enid is a HORRIBLE harsh old biddy name. Please dont do that to your daughter. Marian is much better...

invicta Wed 19-Mar-14 21:58:43

But Old biddy names are fashionable, and all names go in cycles. When I grew up, names such as Harry and George were considered old, and now we have princes with those names.

everlong Wed 19-Mar-14 22:04:57

There's old biddy names and old biddy names.
Enid is not Florence or Alice.

GoWestcountry Wed 19-Mar-14 22:07:04

Thanks Parmenides, am going to add a couple of those to my list. Boys names are much harder, infact I think the only one I really like is my brother's name and that doesn't go with my married surname at all!

bouncingbelle Wed 19-Mar-14 22:09:29

I would hate to be called Enid.

And Enid Stephens just seems to have too many "ee" sounds close together, if that makes sense.

What about Ines? Or is that Agnes in another language? :/

bouncingbelle Wed 19-Mar-14 22:14:04

Ramona is FABULOUS!!! I'm stealing it!!!

Sharaluck Wed 19-Mar-14 22:20:07

I'm sorry but Enid doesn't sound like a name, more of a mumble.

I think you need to go with something different as Agnes is much much nicer! I would feel sorry for Agnes's little sister named Enid.


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