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Boys' names for indecisive and fussy parents

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Magpieblue Mon 17-Mar-14 16:41:25

Due in two days and can't think of a single boy's name I like. The only name DP has suggested is Buddy, but I'm not sure. I don't LOVE any names (I have several girls' names that I love). Want something unusual but not twattish.

The nearest name to something I love is Otto, but that's DP's brother's name, but it gives you an idea of the kind of thing I like maybe. And quite like these (but don't love):

- Jesse
- Caleb
- Spike
- Forrest

Please help! (Surname is James)

Wishfulmakeupping Tue 18-Mar-14 10:15:46

Jude is nice! Jude James sounds like a film star smile

HoneyandRum Tue 18-Mar-14 10:23:05

My DH is American and so to us Buddy and Sonny are just terms of endearment or nicknames. "Hey Buddy!" is usually used by older men to address little boys without intimidating them. To have these names on your birth cert in the USA would be weird - but then I know many American naming customs are weird to the Brits.

I would therefore just use Buddy and Sonny as nns but have a more standard name on the BC.

What about Bruno?

WomanScorned Tue 18-Mar-14 10:24:23

Bud/Budd is apparently an English name, meaning messenger or herald.

Buddy is commonly used where father and son share the same name. I know a lad called Buddy and that's all he's ever been known as. I only recently realised his 'real' name is the same as his dad's.

So, I would probably give him his father's - or Uncle's name, but call him Buddy from day 1.

Alternatively, Budd is a bit more 'all ages' and you could still call him Buddy. The only long form I can think of is Budweiser, which is rubbish!

sebsmummy1 Tue 18-Mar-14 10:34:03

Just wanted to thank you girls for giving me the name for my second (unconceived!) child if it's a boy. Me and my OH couldn't agree on a name when we were talking about it pre-mc and he and I now love one of the suggestions made on here grin

SimplySara Tue 18-Mar-14 10:55:52

I actually love the name Jesse but only if the last names is James! Looking at your lije but not love list what about:

Viggo (im loving this name at the moment, its where the word viking comes from)

Had a dog named Buddy (last name Howlly) but still love the name. As an American, some do use it as a term for any man. The best example of this being the lift operator in the filmThe Hudsucker Proxy.

I also have a current name crush on Thurston at the moment. Had to put it out there!

eggybrokenoff Tue 18-Mar-14 15:22:26

shamelessly just watching this thread as like lots of the suggestions.

I have nothing useful to add as we are totally stumped for ds3. in fact may as well add stumpy to my list

ToffeeJungle Tue 18-Mar-14 18:03:46

Not keen on Buddy at all. Too Jamie Oliver, too cutesy, I can't see a 'Judge Buddy' or 'Dr Buddy' (without it sounding like a cartoon character anyway!)

Sorry for any repeats:

MoonHare Tue 18-Mar-14 20:01:45

I see from your OP that you want to avoid "twattish", for me Buddy falls into that category.

There have been loads of great suggestions.

More ideas;
Wyatt - in the same wild west vein as Jesse.

007licencetospill Tue 18-Mar-14 21:39:00


It's Cornish for James

007licencetospill Tue 18-Mar-14 21:39:24

Pronounced Jay-go

007licencetospill Tue 18-Mar-14 21:39:35


Anjou Tue 18-Mar-14 22:06:11

I'm not wanting to hijack the thread, but which name was it, Sebsmummy?!

Nousernameforme Tue 18-Mar-14 22:32:36

Edgar James fits well I think.
we were thinking of it but went with Eridian in the end

smogwod Tue 18-Mar-14 22:56:39

how about Kingsley? not like buddy or Otto but sounds lovely with your surname

HippoCritic Wed 19-Mar-14 03:59:48


Magpieblue Wed 19-Mar-14 11:09:43

Thanks all, some good suggestions and ones I haven't seen on any other threads. I've added a handful to our list. Except none (even my own list) still feel like The One - I did say we were fussy. I have a girl's name that I love, and feels right, but nothing close to a boy's name. Maybe the actual question is - do you have to absolutely LOVE a name to choose it?

Is Jesse James totally ridiculous? (We are not American, so I'm hoping it's less of an issue but maybe)

And I want to know which name you like too Sebsmummy!

eggybrokenoff Wed 19-Mar-14 12:09:09

I have 2 ds already and I have to say I never hit on a boys name that I utterly and totally 100% adored and was convinced was right. both times I felt sure of our girls name but never the same click with boys. it was a thougt out and logical choice rather than a total heart choice iyswim. but now I love their names, they are a little more 'sensible' than I would have chosen alone but they suit them and I have grown to love them more and more.

hope that helps.

sebsmummy1 Wed 19-Mar-14 12:28:25

Ha ha grin

Well we love Douglas and will use Dougie for short aka Dougie Poynter (McFly) who is now dating Ellie Goulding. We love it and amazingly we both agree (extremely rare).

WomanScorned Wed 19-Mar-14 16:12:42

If my surname was James, I would absolutely go with Jesse. But then, I like Waylon, Merle, Cash, Rhett and have a baby Johnny. Maybe check out some of the characters/actors from the Dukes of Hazard series - there are some great names there - well, imo!

bouncingbelle Wed 19-Mar-14 22:04:36


Ludways Wed 19-Mar-14 22:07:22

Buddy - Elf!

I love Seth.

Commander Wed 19-Mar-14 23:08:02

Jude James. Perfect. Look no more. grin

bassingtonffrench Thu 20-Mar-14 18:10:34

you really can't use Jesse James. It would be like calling you child Butch Cassidy or something.

Jesse is a good name for a boy though, for a family with a different surname

SimplySara Fri 21-Mar-14 22:36:01

A name popped into my head today that reminded me alot of the names you like (buddy and spike). What about Rusty?

serin Sat 22-Mar-14 18:52:27


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