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If your (male) DP could choose their own name...

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SpawningSalmon Fri 14-Mar-14 20:43:02

I am 7 months pregnant with DC2, we don't know the sex and are really really struggling to come up with any boys names that we like.

If your DP could choose his own name what would he like to be called? I may be deluded but am hoping that this might throw up the lovely boys name that is also great when worn by a man.

MadameJosephine Fri 14-Mar-14 20:48:30

Just asked DP, his name is David but he said if he could choose he would like to be called Caleb (personally I prefer David)

SpawningSalmon Fri 14-Mar-14 20:50:01

Yeah, this is why I thought I might be deluded. grin

DracuLaura Fri 14-Mar-14 20:56:04

I've asked DH and he said Michael or Shaun.

aquashiv Fri 14-Mar-14 21:15:01

I fear it might be something beginning with K

BikeRunSki Fri 14-Mar-14 21:20:47

DH is Adam. He likes it. Everyone knows it, it is spelt as it is said, works in loads of languages, totally unremarkable.,,,

He hates his middle name though (Harvey). Says he is not cool enough for it.

bouquetofpencils Fri 14-Mar-14 21:20:47

DH says "Cornelius. It's from Planet of the Apes".
I think he is being serious.

Best1sWest Fri 14-Mar-14 21:27:02

Mine hates his real name and for years said he was going to change it - to Simon . I fear that is not the answer you're looking for OP.

SpawningSalmon Fri 14-Mar-14 21:34:38

Hmmm, yes Best, not sure that this is going the way I'd hoped. Shall keep an open mind... for now.

cheminotte Fri 14-Mar-14 21:37:43

DP helpfully says he's perfectly happy with the one he has. It has Its already been mentioned. (unhelpful)

HenriettaMaria Fri 14-Mar-14 21:43:33

bouquet I had a teacher whose name was Cornelius. His wife always called him Neil.
Can't think why. grin

He was a lovely man.

HenriettaMaria Fri 14-Mar-14 21:50:21

Sorry, I didn't answer OP's question.

DH says Francois.
I'm not sure if he's being serious, either.

alita7 Fri 14-Mar-14 22:03:01

DP was totally unhelpful too... He said he'd change it to his nickname which isn't actually a name but is what everyone calls him anyway :p sigh

MiconiumHappens Fri 14-Mar-14 22:08:06

Another DH here who does not seem to have any type of opinion on it! Am going to try asking him what names he would have hated and see if I get any results......

MiconiumHappens Fri 14-Mar-14 22:10:52

Ok he would not have liked Roger, Henry, Reece or Vincent. (He gave no sensible reasons as to why I and think they're all fine).

I can't believe I consulted this man on naming my DC!

SearchingforSleep Fri 14-Mar-14 22:19:10

DH says Neo. Make of that what you will... grin

SpawningSalmon Fri 14-Mar-14 22:24:31

Arghh! Maybe I should have asked what you would name your DP if you could choose!

stopprocrastinating Sat 15-Mar-14 00:09:18

His name is Andrew, but given the choice he'd have picked Stephen.

Mireio Sat 15-Mar-14 01:29:42

DP says Jack.

guineapig2014 Sat 15-Mar-14 21:58:42

He's called Christopher but would like to be called Henry hmm confused

Emubaby Sat 15-Mar-14 22:10:40

Just asked dh, he looked at me as if I was mad, looked confused, then said he liked his name so wouldn't change it. His name is Edward. (I love his name.)

princessdave Sat 15-Mar-14 22:49:54

DP Robin said Alex. Shrugged when I asked why!

RoadToTuapeka Sat 15-Mar-14 22:57:24

My DP has a perfectly ordinary name, lots of them about, a saint's name. I asked him and he shrugged. Dunno. Then came out with Francis. What?! Ugh. Am glad he never got to choose his own name!

RoadToTuapeka Sat 15-Mar-14 23:00:39

Oh just remembered he did suggest Francis for our first DS's name but I quickly ruled it out. He must actually really like it! I thought at the time he was just casting random names about.

whyyougottabe Sun 16-Mar-14 08:19:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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