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Zachary and Emily/Hannah

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ZylaB Wed 12-Mar-14 17:03:45


We're planning on starting a family really soon and have already been discussing names, we love Zachary for a boy and also Emily for a girl. My concerns are that I know Emily is popular but it's a family name - my DH's gran. I also really like Hannah but our surname starts with a B so was a bit concerned if Hannah was her first name... HB pencil?!

Basically I'm after opinions and/or alternatives, I don't want anything weird, but am slightly concerned about being one amongst many.


boobyooby Wed 12-Mar-14 17:10:33

I'm rather biased as our eldest DD is Hannah. Weirdly it was a popular name when she was born but no one else in her year at primary or at secondary school have it. The years above and below have several, think I was lucky :D
She was a Rebecca (as was the eldest DS if he'd been born a girl 2 years before her) but as soon as I saw her face, she just didn't look like a Rebecca. Made the midwives give me 20 minutes before they wrote Baby Boobyooby on her tag. Good luck x

whitepuddingsupper Wed 12-Mar-14 17:11:15

I like Hannah, the HB thing is really not an issue. I would prefer it to Emily which is very popular just now just for the fact there will probably be 4 Emilys in every class at school.

ZylaB Wed 12-Mar-14 17:30:51

That's what worries me about Emily, we could go Millie instead I suppose? I think I am erring towards Hannah, but am still a bit concerned about the pencil thing, maybe that's just me lol

andadietcoke Wed 12-Mar-14 17:38:08

I'm a Hannah, with a surname beginning with B, and it has never occurred to me!

I like my name. It's palindromic which I never ever tire from hearing about.

FrankUnderwood Wed 12-Mar-14 17:53:17

Ooh , 3 good options.

If you might follow a DS with a DD, or DD with DS, Zachary and Emily are a bit rhyming. Hannah and Zachary work better together.

alita7 Wed 12-Mar-14 18:18:29

Emily is nice. I don't think 'hb' is a problem most initial combos make some acronym as long as it's not bj don't worry!

starlight36 Wed 12-Mar-14 21:00:44

Our DD is a Hannah B! We did consider whether or not the initials would be a problem but to date no one has commented on it.

NadiaWadia Thu 13-Mar-14 03:14:41

Don't think the HB thing would occur to most people, and even if it did I wouldn't see it as a problem, it is nothing negative or silly.

ZylaB Thu 13-Mar-14 09:58:26

Thanks for all the feedback, I'm really coming round to the idea of Hannah Emily B smile though reading posts on here has thrown up a few other possibilities!

Definitely feeling happier to have firmer ideas, though we have agreed we'll have a short list just in case baby doesn't seem to suit the names we've chosen.

Thanks again so much for the feedback!

canweseethebunnies Thu 13-Mar-14 11:43:33

My name is Hannah and my brother is Zachary. Sounds great to me!

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