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Ideas so far

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BlondeMalteser Sat 08-Mar-14 13:29:34

A few of my favourites so far. I like names that can be shortened to nn
Alexandra- Ali (not keen on Lexi)
Andrea- AndI
Bryony/Briony (sp?) Bry, Ronny
Emily- Emi
And one that I just saw today on another thread that I has not considered but really love! Helena with Heli for short

DrankSangriaInThePark Sat 08-Mar-14 13:33:48

I think the thing is with nicknames, once the kid is over the age of say, primary, you don't get to choose it anyway.

Emily would always get Em, rather than Emi
Alexandra = Alex
Andrea = doubt it would get nicknames tbh
Helena would get Hel like all the zillion Helens in the 70s did.

I think if it's the nn that you like, then to be sure of getting it, you just have to name the child that, rather than a name which might end up with it, but might not.

BlondeMalteser Sat 08-Mar-14 13:38:18

Dranksangriainthepark that's a very valid point. I've known people to basically chose their name as they change schools. I'm going by my childhood as I am a Christina but parents called me Christie from a young age so it's how I introduced myself. Same for my either as James to Jamie. I do like Alex as well as Ali just really not keen on Lexi!

DrankSangriaInThePark Sat 08-Mar-14 13:42:49

I always think of my friend whose name is Celeste, and is called Chickpea by everyone!

winterhat Sat 08-Mar-14 18:49:46

Olivia - Liv
Beatrice - Bea
Katherine - Katie
Cassia - Cassie
Harriet - Hattie
Susanna - Susie

sleepingbeautiful Sun 09-Mar-14 05:42:27

I'd assume Ali was Alison - Alex for Alexandra
Andrea nn Andi works, totally reminds me of the Goonies, but that's geek chic ;)
If you like Briony/Bryony, what about Brianna? I met one who's known as Bree.
Madeleine nn Maddie
Elizabeth nn Betsy/Bess/Libby
Antonia nn Toni
Frances nn Frankie
Meredith nn Merry

wigglesrock Sun 09-Mar-14 07:47:51

I know a few Andreas - they all get Drea, same with Helena - they get Lena but I think that's just a pronunciation thing.

wigglesrock Sun 09-Mar-14 07:50:44

Sofia - Fia ?
Vivienne - Vivi
If you want Emi/Emme I'd be inclined to go for Emmeline as opposed to Emily.

Wishfulmakeupping Sun 09-Mar-14 07:56:51

I met a baby Andi (andrea) recently it really stuck in my mind as the only other Andrea I know is on her late 50'si think Andi for a little girl is so cute.
Think you should be careful with Alexandra though if you don't like Lexi the reason being that when your dd starts school you don't really get a choice over their nn their friends (sometimes your friends/family) will shorten it too my daughter is Georgia I thought it might get shortened to Georgie but she gets George and G so you can't control it always best to have a name you like all variations of

tammytoby Sun 09-Mar-14 07:59:07

You cannot control nicknames. Choose a name you love rather than plan nicknames as you might be diss appointed otherwise.

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