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me again... :-) Aria or Ariane?

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MrsRV Fri 07-Mar-14 07:16:29

both pronounced like Harry without the H. which do u prefer and why? I'm swaying towards Aria at the mo but Ariane is more of a "proper name". Aria May or Ariane Isobel?

peppinagiro Fri 07-Mar-14 07:48:33

Ariane Isobel. It's much prettier. Aria is a word, which puts me off (hymns and arias), plus you can call her Ariane and shorten it to Aria as a nickname anyway. So Ariane gives you more options.

Isobel is a much prettier and more interesting middle name than May. I prefer your spelling too smile

whodrankallthemilk Fri 07-Mar-14 07:50:41

I met a little girl with the name Aria, and i thought it was lovley, very unusual but lovely.

IMHO its like calling them rain or ocean

Oriunda Fri 07-Mar-14 07:53:18

See I'd pronounce Aria with an 'r' sound (ie as in the Italian word meaning hymn, air etc) not like Harry without the h. Arrya pronounciation just sounds wrong. I'd go for Ariane as that would achieve the pronunciation you are after.

Pooka Fri 07-Mar-14 07:55:07

I prefer Ariane.

A friend's daughter is called Aria. I find it really difficult to pronounce! Is probably just me. She's Aah-reea.

I tended to avoid names where I would have to explain pronunciation - I.e. Aah-reea/Arr-eea. I think I'd automatically pronounce Ariane as Arr-ee-Anne.

TheWomanWithTheMysteriousLump Fri 07-Mar-14 07:55:39

Arya is nice but would mark you put as a GOT fan which I assume you're not. I do think that people will naturally assume Aria is pronounced like the word, which would be irritating if you don't want that.

PsammeadPaintedTheLion Fri 07-Mar-14 08:34:17

Ahh reea is lovely, but if ou want Arry- then go for Ariane. Which is also lovely!

amandine07 Fri 07-Mar-14 09:16:23

Ariane Isobel is lovely.

IMO Ariane is a 'proper' name as opposed to Aria which is a type of music and makes me think of that!
If you go for Aria, be prepared to constantly correct people's pronunciation- people will say it how it is pronounced in a musical sense.

Highlystrungmum Fri 07-Mar-14 09:26:02

Both are lovely but Aria gets my vote

whodrankallthemilk Fri 07-Mar-14 10:14:42

why dont you call her Arry? it'd be unique!

juneau Fri 07-Mar-14 10:16:29

Aria or Ariane? Well one is a solo piece of singing and the other is a Russian space rocket ...

Not keen on either, tbh.

HelgatheHairy Fri 07-Mar-14 10:35:12

My DD is called Aria so that's my vote!

HelgatheHairy Fri 07-Mar-14 10:37:39

Oh and my father cannot remember Aria (tbf he's 85 and had never heard it before) so to him she's Arry. Leads to some confusion when I meet someone who he's met previously "I hear you have a boy called Harry" - no I have a girl called Aria.

MrsRV Fri 07-Mar-14 11:46:55

Aria or Ariane will be known as Ari/Arry in any event as I love love love it - how do u pronounce your Aria? I don't think our friends and family will do ahr-ea... much more likely arryea (as in Harry). which is good with me!!

MrsRV Fri 07-Mar-14 18:23:55

brilliant. hubby has decided he likes Amelia again. back to square one!!!

HelgatheHairy Fri 07-Mar-14 18:51:58

mrs sympathies! We kept going round in circles with names. It wasn't till she was born that we knew she was Aria

MrsRV Fri 07-Mar-14 21:31:25

I'm actually in love with Aria. But then I was with Amelia a month ago too. Perhaps I should just step away from the list & wait to meet her. DD is Ella Rose though and Ella Rose & Aria May just sounds beautiful, I think anyway!

brachiosaurus Fri 07-Mar-14 21:38:09

I think if it's to be pronounced like Arry, she'll be correcting people her whole life if you go for Aria. So on that basis, I'd choose Ariane. They are both lovely though, in fact I'm pinching Ariane for our list!

Ariane Isobel- very classy.

BethGoLightly Fri 07-Mar-14 21:41:40

Aria May

HelgatheHairy Fri 07-Mar-14 22:06:24

Our number 2 choice was Ella. For a while we seriously considered Ariella.

MrsRV Sat 08-Mar-14 08:29:49

similar tastes then! we just knew with Ella. it was always really the one. This time, had a boys name - finding girls (or agreement on girls names) much more difficult!

DrankSangriaInThePark Sat 08-Mar-14 08:32:42

People wouldn't pronounce Aria like 'Arry though. They would automatically lengthen the A because everyone knows that's how you pronounce Aria, as others have said. Also not fond of nouns being turned into names.

I'd go for Ariane. But I'd actually go for Ariana, because when you say Ariane it kind of automatically wants to finish with an A.

MrsRV Sat 08-Mar-14 08:54:40

Helga do you have the pronounciation problem with your DD?

HelgatheHairy Sat 08-Mar-14 10:23:17

Not really - most people get it right although a few pronounce it ah-rea which I don't like so I just pronounce it as ar-e-aa.

I have run into a woman with an Arya though who pronounces it as Aria but everyone pronounces as Are-ya

Tea1Sugar Sat 08-Mar-14 11:31:31

Ariane definitely smile

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