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My top 15 - what's your favourite from it?

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haleyalannahxo Mon 03-Mar-14 23:26:58

I'm a bit skeptic about posting this considering yesterday, but I've left out all hyphen names from my top list, haha.

I currently have 15 names I love for girls, and although I'm not expecting (I will be ttc within the next few years, I hope, currently at uni haha so I'm name collecting for now, but going into childcare, so mum forums are really helpful for me), I would love to know what your favourite off my list is.

I'm not currently looking for any suggestions, so if you don't like any of the names, choose the one you hate the least (wink) or, just don't comment grin.

My list right now:

Imogen Delilah Kate
Lettie Ophelia Jane
Beatrice Lavinia Mary
Violet Rosalind May
Elsie May Kathleen
Eleanor Iris Pearl
Florence Eliza May
Jemima Emily Florence
Amy Beatrice Louise
Lillian Elsie Maude
Martha Valerie Elise
Agatha Lily Frances
Lucy Augusta Claire
Maude Ismeria Grace (Iz-mair-ee-ah)
Dorothea Adelaide Mary

Thank you.

Mrswellyboot Mon 03-Mar-14 23:29:50

Elsie may kathleen

NameChangaroo Mon 03-Mar-14 23:30:41


Mireio Mon 03-Mar-14 23:35:00

Beatrice Lavinia Mary is my favourite.

I also like Eleanor Iris Pearl, Florence Eliza (but not May), Jemima Emily Florence, Martha Valerie Elise and Dorothea Adelaide Mary.

ShoeWhore Mon 03-Mar-14 23:36:05


BikeRunSki Mon 03-Mar-14 23:40:35


manicinsomniac Mon 03-Mar-14 23:55:49

I like Jemima, Amy and Imogen best.

Gugglebum Tue 04-Mar-14 03:25:25

The Lucy combo, followed closely by Imogen.

Onepactupac Tue 04-Mar-14 03:45:58


HaveYouHeardOfGoogle Tue 04-Mar-14 04:06:15

Florence Eliza May

Petitgrain Tue 04-Mar-14 04:41:13

Maude Ismeria - but not grace. Maude is such a beautiful name, underused I think. You've got great taste in names.

ElBombero Tue 04-Mar-14 04:42:19

Beatrice or Eleanor xx

ElBombero Tue 04-Mar-14 04:43:31

Not Dorothea, but Adelaide is a beautiful name I would have that as a first, trumping the rest. You've a fab taste in names btw

JessePinkmansMom Tue 04-Mar-14 05:01:04

Imogen Delilah Kate - Like all of them.

Lettie Ophelia Jane - Don't like Lettie at all, and it doesn't really work as a stand-alone name for me - sounds like it should be short for something else. Love Ophelia. Jane ok for a middle name but quite boring.

Beatrice Lavinia Mary - Really like Mary, don't mind Lavinia, not keen on Beatrice at all.

Violet Rosalind May - love Violet and Rosalind, don't like May at all.

Elsie May Kathleen - I really like Elsie (much prefer Elsa, was on my shortlist for DD twenty years ago) but Elsie is becoming very popular. Also you can expect Elsa with Elsie as a nn to become pretty over-used now because of Frozen. I think Elsie is going to be the new Ellie/Lily/Evie.

Eleanor Iris Pearl - Like all of them.

Florence Eliza May - like Florence and Eliza

Jemima Emily Florence - love Jemima and really like that combination

Amy Beatrice Louise - Don't like any of them.
Lillian Elsie Maude - don't like at all

Martha Valerie Elise - I'm totally over Martha and I don't like the other two

Agatha Lily Frances - Agatha is awful, Lily too common, Frances is ok.

Lucy Augusta Claire - don't like

Maude Ismeria Grace (Iz-mair-ee-ah) - don't like

Dorothea Adelaide Mary - Hate Adelaide, like the other two.

JessePinkmansMom Tue 04-Mar-14 05:05:35

Just seen that you are still at uni and don't even intend to have a baby for a few years yet. confused

What a pointless exercise. By the time you need to pick a name you'll have changed your mind ten times.

Although if you are thinking about babies to the point that you've so much thought to a shortlist that long then perhaps pregnancy will not be as far away for you as you are trying to tell us it will be. wink

JessePinkmansMom Tue 04-Mar-14 05:06:08

Sorry that was garbled crap. But you get the idea.

fideline Tue 04-Mar-14 05:09:23

Lillian Elsie Maude

Mandy2003 Tue 04-Mar-14 05:15:28


florascotia Tue 04-Mar-14 08:21:32

Just a question - no criticism implied. Is there a reason for having two diminutives (Elsie = short for Elizabeth, Lettie = short for Laetitia/Lettice) among your chosen first names? All your other first-name choices are full-length names. I think many people feel its a good thing to put a full name on a birth certificate, even if you always use the short version.
You may not agree, and that's entirely up to you.

BlackberryandNettle Tue 04-Mar-14 10:03:44

Violet Rosalind both gorgeous names, bit like 'a violet rose' though. Not May unless they're born in May though imo. Also like Jemima Emily Francis.

hannahlb4884 Tue 04-Mar-14 10:22:51

Florence Eliza May has a nice flow to it.

D'oh - just read that back I didn't say "nice flow" because Flo is a nickname option, I really do think the name trip off the tongue very nicely.

squoosh Tue 04-Mar-14 10:26:35

Wow you've given this a LOT of thought OP!

BikeRunSki Tue 04-Mar-14 13:49:38

Elsie is a name in its own right though.

kotinka Tue 04-Mar-14 13:53:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

haleyalannahxo Tue 04-Mar-14 14:02:29

squoosh & jessepinkmansmom - well I'm definitely not expecting, but names have always been something important to me, and I've always been making lists. I like hearing opinions and ideas on the names on my list. I know girls much younger than me who have put lots more thought into it than I have to be honest!

Why can't I just like names? haha. Never understood why a lot of people have a problem with that.

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