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Leo, Toby or Stephen?

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indigenoustothesofa Sat 01-Mar-14 01:29:46

Ds is 3 weeks old, and we gave him one of the names in the thread title; however, I am now freaking out about it a bit and wondering if we have made a mistake. I don't know if I actually feel bad about the name or if this is how all my having-a-newborn-baby anxiety is manifesting, but it is really starting to bother me. The other names are shortlisted ones that I would most likely use if we decided to change it. Could you please let me know what you think of each of the names, and which you like most/least? I'm not going to base my decision entirely on the MN verdict, obviously, but it would really help.

Thanks smile

CoffeeChocolateWine Mon 03-Mar-14 21:48:45

Leo is my favourite, followed closely by Toby and Stephen quite a distant third.

I don't dislike the name Stephen, but I really dislike Steve.

HoneyandRum Mon 03-Mar-14 22:49:45

Leo was my fav and then read your update OP - Leo just has a dynamism especially as it can't be shortened.

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