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Name regret..or is it pain of breastfeeding making me crazy..

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amhurst Fri 28-Feb-14 00:59:08

Had/ continue to have problems with DS2's name..announced it when he was 3 days old as Donnacha..due (in my case at least) to pressure of constant requests to know the poor little thing's name..Nothing has been registered officially yet..just in the world of Facebook ;) can I ask which does anybody prefer donnacha or Iarlaith/ Iarla..or maybe they're both horrible!? Many thanks

Weegiemum Fri 28-Feb-14 12:48:19

You can't beat a bit of Iarla, OP! Good luck x

adaloveslace Sat 01-Mar-14 10:25:16

Oh sorry BlueberryPoppy, I really didn't mean you or anyone else on here. The OP said people in real life have told her the name is feminine and that's what I was referring to. She came on here looking for opinions, so I'd expect and hope posters would be honest - very different to people in real life proffering unsolicited negative feedback.

Oriunda Sat 01-Mar-14 11:47:47

Hate to say this but donnacia is an Italian word meaning a very horrible woman (I'm being polite too). I know you're in Belgium but your son could never use that name in Italy, at least not written down.

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