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BabyILoveYou Wed 12-Feb-14 21:48:00

I have just fallen in love with it, but DH isn't sure.

What do you all think? Too dated?

PrincessWellington Wed 12-Feb-14 21:51:47

Va Gina?

PrincessWellington Wed 12-Feb-14 21:54:16

Sorry 40 year old virgin reference

BabyILoveYou Wed 12-Feb-14 21:54:48

confused They are very different sounds though. Hmm.

BabyILoveYou Wed 12-Feb-14 21:55:04

Oh, sorry, haven't seen that film!

gilliangoof Wed 12-Feb-14 21:55:12

I like it. It's really nice.

AuditAngel Wed 12-Feb-14 21:55:57

I know 2 Gina's one is about 42 and short for Georgina, the other is 9 and is just Gina. Suits them both.

lemontwist Wed 12-Feb-14 21:56:14

I found it a little dated just because the only one I knew was an older work colleague. My sister recently named her little girl Georgina and I love it although she is more often shortened to Georgie. Would you use Georgina then shorten it or just Gina?

tammytoby Wed 12-Feb-14 21:57:32

Good, classic, underused name!

Makes a refreshing change from all the little Ellies, Evies, Poppies etc.

nessus Wed 12-Feb-14 21:57:50

I used to love Gina shoes. Very 80s retro. Name and shoes that is!

everlong Wed 12-Feb-14 21:59:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

browneyesblue Wed 12-Feb-14 22:04:46

I like it - it reminds me of my lovely, feisty cousin.

RighteousSausage Wed 12-Feb-14 22:09:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BabyILoveYou Wed 12-Feb-14 22:20:47

I'm not sure of Georgina, it seems quite frilly to me? But DH quite likes it. Thanks all!

somedizzywhore1804 Wed 12-Feb-14 22:22:38

Makes me think of Gina G. Ooh Aah Just a Little Bit.

Dovahkiin Thu 13-Feb-14 12:33:17

Gina Torres - extremely cool actress

noodlebum Thu 13-Feb-14 12:48:58

same as somedizzywhore1804 unfortunately, but definitely unique for today!

Vespar7 Thu 13-Feb-14 16:55:29

My friend's baby is called Gina and it is a lovely name!

expatinscotland Thu 13-Feb-14 16:57:02


UriGeller Thu 13-Feb-14 16:57:48

Like it! A good strong name.

ladyquinoa Thu 13-Feb-14 17:21:26


ladyquinoa Thu 13-Feb-14 17:22:29

Guns ford

ladyquinoa Thu 13-Feb-14 17:22:40

Gina ford even

BelieveinWigan Fri 14-Feb-14 16:12:45

I like Gina short for Georgina

BabyILoveYou Fri 14-Feb-14 16:45:47

Not even the negative comments are putting me off!

We are 99% sure it will be Georgina, nn Gina, if it's a girl. Thanks all grin

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