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Rosalie Jade

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madmayday Wed 12-Feb-14 13:45:06

Hi all! Expecting DC3 - early days so don't know the sex yet, but wanted to get names sorted early on as DD wasn't named until the day of registration! (We then ended up changing the spelling of her name later on, as we named her in a panic)!!! So all in all, bit of a faff..! grin

We think we have a boys name locked down, but have divisive tastes on girls names. One we both agree on is Rosalie . Would love to have Grace as her middle name, but as it's my niece's middle name, it would probably be unwise to copy.

So we thought Rosalie Jade would be a nice alternative? Any other options would be gratefully received and also, opinions on our other choices would also be welcome! They are Bethany, Leah and Catherine.

Our existing children are:

Daniel Patrick and Annabel Lily

Thanks all!

rach2713 Wed 12-Feb-14 14:21:41

How bout

Rosalie Faith

Rosalie Hope

Bethany Rose

Leah Rose

NightCircus Wed 12-Feb-14 16:24:19

Annabelle and Rosalie were in our top 3. Others we considered that might work:-
Rosalie Meredith
Rosalie Clara
Rosalie Lara
Rosalie Alannah
Rosalie Sophia
Rosalie Eleanor

CaptainCunt Wed 12-Feb-14 16:26:20

After Jade from Big Brother? I think that's a really nice gesture.

Sundaedelight Wed 12-Feb-14 16:37:07

Rosalie Jasmine

Rosalie Bluebell

Rosalie Flora

threepiecesuite Wed 12-Feb-14 21:34:41

Rosalie Kate

sleepingbeautiful Thu 13-Feb-14 04:02:12

I love Rosalie, but not a fan of Jade. It's not as classic as your other DC names.
What about Rosalie Eve?

HavantGuard Thu 13-Feb-14 06:11:40

I really don't like Rosalie. Bethany, Leah and Catherine are lovely and would fit much better with the names of your DD and DS.

JazzAnnNonMouse Thu 13-Feb-14 07:14:36

Rosalie is such a beautiful name!
Daniel Annabel and Rosalie - sounds perfect!

I don't think jade is classic/ beautiful enough for it though - it's sounds ok together but I always think of jade as a 80s 90s overused name like Stacey iyswim probably because there are so many my age.

Rosalie is just gorgeous grin

Onesleeptillwembley Thu 13-Feb-14 07:35:25

Rosalie goes well with your other names. Grace is nice. Jade is seen as very downmarket here.

tammytoby Thu 13-Feb-14 09:07:07

Love Rosalie!

UriGeller Thu 13-Feb-14 09:19:41

Like Rosalie very much. Don't like Jade. It doesn't go with your other dcs beautiful names either.

Rosalie Jean?

CormoranStrike Thu 13-Feb-14 09:29:14

I think Rosalind or Rosamund are more classic and in keeping with your other names. And stick with Grace, it is perfect and middle names can be shared, IMHO.

Leeds2 Thu 13-Feb-14 11:10:56

I think it is nice if cousins share a middle name. My DD has the same middle name as her cousin.

Also know two sisters where all the children (they have two each) share their mothers' maiden name as a middle name.

Much prefer grace to Jade.

noodlebum Thu 13-Feb-14 12:38:56

I like Rosalie and Bethany.

Rosalie Beth could be a good choice? smile

NightCircus Thu 13-Feb-14 17:28:24

What about Rosalie Pearl?
Or maybe Amber or Beryl (thinking semi precious stones!!)

Thumbcat Thu 13-Feb-14 17:35:47

I think Rosalie Jade is lovely. And yes Jade did become a bit downmarket, probably because it was so popular for a time, but it's actually a pretty name (and really not that different from Jude which always get the MN seal of approval). Rosalie Juliet sounds good too.

lookdeepintotheparka Thu 13-Feb-14 22:27:16

Rosalie is a really lovely name but agree with others that it doesn't really go with Jade!

Rosalie Grace is nice smile

LePetitPont Sun 16-Feb-14 17:40:08

Really like the suggestion of Rosalie Beth smile

CPtart Sun 16-Feb-14 18:37:12

Rosalie Faye?

Rosalie Catherine is nice, or Rosalie Kate.

Its0kToBeMe Sun 16-Feb-14 18:46:11

Rosalie is quite a common traveller name, I think it's beautiful. smile

Davidhasselhoffstoecheese Sun 16-Feb-14 18:52:16

Don't spoil it with jade.

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