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Zachary or Zachariah?

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Pregnantberry Sun 09-Feb-14 22:55:10

I like both of these names, my OH just likes 'Zach' but I insist on him having a 'full' first name on his birth certificate (high court judge test!) so I am trying to decide which I like the better.

I looked up the background and it seems like Zachariah is the original, Hebrew variant while Zachary is the English version. I think 'Zachariah' sounds fancier, and I like the 'iah' sound on the end, but on the other hand I think Zachary seems more 'down to earth' and part of the same cultural heritage as us.

He will be a brother to my stepson Elliot, if that makes any difference, and his middle name will most likely be David. If 'he' is a 'she' then it's looking like she will be either Imogen (if I get my way) or Summer (if OH gets his).

I know some people don't like the name Zach as I have heard people badmouthing it for being too common, but it seems to be the only name we both properly like for a boy so please don't try and put us off!

What do you think and what, if any, is the reason?

GlitzAndGiggles Sun 09-Feb-14 23:01:56

I prefer Zachariah I've never been keen on Zachary. I did meet one though who pronounced it as Z'kar-ee if that makes sense. As if you were pronouncing Bacardi. Ffs I can't explain it through a message but it wasn't pronounced the usual way. I liked his pronunciation

HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs Sun 09-Feb-14 23:03:55

Not sure if it is at all relevant but my Bible spells it 'Zechariah' which I'm guessing is closer to the Hebrew.
I like Zachary.

BrianTheMole Sun 09-Feb-14 23:07:11

Zachary I think. Zachariah seems too much of a mouthful. Sometimes you will use the full name. Esp if you are cross grin
Zachariah COME here, sounds too wordy, compared to Zachary, STOP doing that now.

Pregnantberry Sun 09-Feb-14 23:09:07

Hehe, that is a good point Brian! I guess I don't consider that when I'm cooing over baby clothes. wink

BrianTheMole Sun 09-Feb-14 23:32:09

grin I guess you adapt whatever you use. Zachariah may flow from your mouth with ease, when you catch him raiding the freezer or balancing precariously from a tall piece of furniture.

Innogen Mon 10-Feb-14 00:39:25

Zachary because I don't like the Amish associations of Zachariah.

badtime Mon 10-Feb-14 00:45:12

I would usually prefer Zachariah, but I think Zachary sounds better with Elliott, and flows better with David as a middle name.

RoadToTuapeka Mon 10-Feb-14 00:55:08

I prefer Zachary and like Zack. It is becoming a veeeeerrrryyy popular name where I live and my son's kindergarten class has 3; Zac, Zacci and Zachary. I'd avoid it for that reason - however in the scheme of things even with very popular names you are rarely surrounded by others with the same name so that's not really a good reason not to use it!

RunRabbit Mon 10-Feb-14 00:55:23

I think Zachary goes better with your other children's names smile

Pregnantberry Mon 10-Feb-14 01:07:47

Interesting, I never would have thought of the Amish thing, I had just been thinking it would probably have a Jewish connotation but maybe not!

Now I think about it, Zachary does seem to be more compatible with many names as well as Elliot and I would quite like another one day.

There seems to be a bit of a polarised opinion on the popularity of Zach, it rates about 45 on the name chart if I recall correctly, so I think it is definitely a regional thing (though I'm not sure which regions) - I think we'll just have to hope we don't ever move to a Zach hotspot!

CleverOl10 Mon 10-Feb-14 22:45:48

We also like the name Zac but not keen on the long versions so are considering Isaac, with Zac for short. Does that work for you?

eachtigertires Tue 11-Feb-14 01:56:10

Zachary. Love the name Zach. (And also love the very tenuous Scrubs related link between Zach and Elliot) smile

hubbahubster Wed 12-Feb-14 10:15:30

I chose Zachary for DS because I wanted something unusual but also simple to spell. I hate having to spell my own name out over the phone to people (and it's not even that unusual), and figured Zachariah would be more tricky for most.

ginzillas Wed 12-Feb-14 20:39:30

Love Zachary and it's my top choice if we ever have a DS. But I'm not keen on Zachariah as it just seems too much of a mouthful even though it's only one more syllable.

DramaAlpaca Wed 12-Feb-14 20:40:39


noodlebum Thu 13-Feb-14 12:50:10


Zermatt Thu 13-Feb-14 14:09:18


squoosh Thu 13-Feb-14 14:10:58

Zachariah is a bit hellfire and brimstone.

MrsOakenshield Thu 13-Feb-14 14:13:36

Zachariah. But I loathe Zach!

sallybenson Thu 13-Feb-14 14:27:52

I prefer Zachary. We almost called my youngest Zac but for some reason, I see it as an orange name.... Husband thinks I am weird as I see letters as colours (and numbers too) so didn't go for it because not keen on Orange smile

NannyWaines13 Thu 13-Feb-14 22:58:53

I love Zachariah/Zachary/Zach but I'm bias as my 8 year old nephew is Zachary (nn Zach). My sister says now she wishes she had the guts to go with Zachariah but where we live she would have been mocked for choosing a "posh" name! My great aunt does call him Zachariah which is sweet & he loves it but won't let anyone else call him it.

NinjaCow Fri 14-Feb-14 02:19:39

I prefer Zachary smile

PinkCrystal Thu 16-Feb-17 18:22:11


But I think if he is going to be Zac then just put the short name on the bc.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Thu 16-Feb-17 19:15:08


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